This is part 9 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it.

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  6. Fear
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  9. Self-tuition


Self-tuition, a study only by yourself, alone with your self, by what you chose your self to study: books, films, videos, the human psyche, art, nature, being in nature, own research of all what exists around you, and beyond, all phenomenons; following what is going on in the media and learning to speak, to write, to express, as tools to clean and heal the indoctrinated and brainwashed mind of one self, to get insight, and to create insight in the people around us as well, stimulating and supporting self thinking, within the self and others. To create true virtue (moral excellence).


Education and Self-tuition  

Education is related and connected with the social life and rules of the country you live in. It is governed by the state, controlled by the state. Schools offer books, studies, that fit within the philosophy of the school. Their teachers fit within this philosophy as well.

Parents do not always have the freedom or possibility to chose the school they would prefer for their children. Parents too often forget that their own words, thoughts and habits are a school as well for their own child. Their unconscious acts can create big harm to the development of their child. A good parent is the most important medium between the child and the world, the society, the school. A good parent supports the self thinking of the child.

A good teacher should do the same. Schools teach too much copying and pasting, not self thinking, being critical. Schools are a part of the system to create new employees for the industry, to create a better economy, by competition. A rational system, with a lot to stimulate the brains, to develop rational thinking, but with a huge lack of what creates a complete (wholistic) education, because of so many missing important human factors.

Only Steiner schools, Waldorf schools, offer the best and complete education, but that does not mean that all Waldorf schools are good. It depends on their team of teachers, their insight. For more about Steiner and Steiner schools: go to “links and sources” (scroll down). The following video is a trailer of the documentary film “Alphabet, Angst oder Liebe” (Alphabet, Fear or Love).  More about the documentary film in “links and sources”.



Self-tuition exists next to what schools and universities offer, but too many people are convinced that what they learn on schools is enough. That it is okay to stop learning after finishing the school they followed as a duty, as a society must. To obey to their parents who forced them maybe to follow schools, universities. That is dangerous. Because in fact you did not learn anything! You only fit in a system.

Always ask your self: IS that so? Do I agree with that? And search deeper, search for more information, read, not on one website, but on several websites to find links to films, books, etc. Be aware that all you read are other people’s thoughts, not your thoughts. That it is allowed to disagree. That it is okay not to understand what has been written. That there is a lot of nonsense what is published as interesting. Is it? Ask your self. Dare to be “stupid”, because your being “stupid” in the eyes of others can be more intelligent than they can imagine, because they do not think that deep.

Where to start? The start can be everywhere, but start. Collecting information. To have answers on questions people will have, and confront you with. You will find out that the real studies start after finishing schools. Universities.

Nobody can tell you what you have to read or watch. Which steps you have to make. How you have to answer. IF you have to answer. Trust your deepest self, and dare to start with studying your own psyche, your own thoughts. Analyze your self. There can be help for that, if it is too difficult. Jung, study Jung. There are several excellent documentary videos on internet. With his explanations. You can follow me on my page Carl Gustav Jung (sources and links) and/or join the community that is connected with it. There is also a YouTube account connected with it.

Jung is very helpful in analyzing your self, and others. That is an important part of your own development as a human being. Because you are authentic, unique. Discover your self.





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