This is part 4 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it.

  1. Noise
  2. Music and sound
  3. Immunity
  4. Taboos 
  5. Ethics
  6. Fear
  7. Bach flower remedies
  8. Walnut
  9. Self-tuition



To get rid of negative, toxic emotions and moods, one will first have to face and recognize them! A lot of people don’t even realize what they keep hidden and suppressed in their unconsciousness.

In the following video you can hear world’s most famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung speaking about what is hidden in the psyche of all of us, human beings:



Before I explain something about the flowerremedies I have to speak about all what keeps people away from them: conservatism; lack of insight in the own psyche and the psyche of other human beings in common; lack of insight in life processes; lack of awareness; fear for what is different and fear to be different; fear for changes; fear for their feelings; taboos; intolerances; indoctrinations of politics, religions and society; some traditional habits.  They all block personal growth, evolution, creative self-thinking, own, free choices.


Taboos…. in religions, politics, society and science

ALL religions have brought many wonderful changes for mankind, brought deepening, insight, awareness, positivity, high human laws and high values, ethics. Religions not only create(d) good, but also evil: religious wars and crusades belong to the history and the present of the Christian religion, and to the history and the present of the Islam as well (jihad). What is good or bad is related with time, cultures, countries, peoples, their awareness, their level of development, ethics, evolution. Though all peoples have the same value as (a specific collective of) human beings: the level of awareness, of evolution, differs!

A high awareness is not necessarily related with what we understand as a “civilized nation”, not with what we, in the Western, Asian, African, or Arabic world  for instance, see as good, or better. In his books Jozef Rulof explains unawareness as a state of psychopathy, with different levels of depths of darkness. The deeper the inner darkness, the unawareness, the deeper the psychopathy.

This view was an eye opener for me. When I became aware of this, I understood why all goes wrong on earth. I saw this world being governed by unaware presidents and politicians, psychopaths. Psychopathy is also governing in the highest hierarchy of religions. If religious leaders would be completely aware, they would not be able to be a priest, a pope, for that religion anymore, or to be in a monastery.

When there is an untrue ruler, in religions, or in politics, the taboos are popping up. The untrue ruler can also be hidden in a concept, for instance: the idea of being good. A good human being will be the loving one, the care giver. This idea creates on the very moment many problems in the refugee issue. Many contradictions in views create emotional debates, and taboos. On the moment I am writing this update it is not so easy to say one’s opinion about Islam, in fact there is a taboo on having an opinion on any kind of religion, criticism, even if fair, is often attacked because one has to be the good one.

What is good?


Science has brought much positive research and evolutionary changes also. Science however is in fact a religion.

There is a worldwide lack of ethics on Universities. When a new student wants to follow studies on a university he is only checked for rational intelligence. If he has the right ethics to work with awareness with all he will learn, does not seem to be important.

Do they ever check a professor’s ethical level, the Emotional Intelligence next to the Rational Intelligence, Awareness, Consciousness, Moral? This is, in my opinion, the main reason that human brains are capable to create destructive inventions, that what is harming, even damaging nature, life, us, and it is legal!

Governments pay for it! War-industry exists! Criminals achieve(d) degrees in scientific studies, have been and are there among the professors and students on universities and in the world of politics, multinationals, in business. schools and health care. Knowledge is not protected, and is not only available for the conscious ones among us.

Though the universities pretend their knowledge is Universal and “High”, they deny/reject metaphysics, they deny the soul, the spiritual world, the Higher Intelligence, the source of all intelligence.




Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. His writings cover many subjects, including physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, linguistics, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology. (wiki). He was the precursor of universal education, knowledge, the founder (in my opinion) of universities!! The universities of today are poor institutes with one-eyed professors creating one-eyed scientists. Metaphysics have become even a taboo in Science, and are ridiculed in the media and the society because people, blind, like it to follow the blind, and to recite their leaders, because nothing is in their mind what is their own.

Rationality is/has been overvalued. Science has become a product only of, from and for the brains, the ratio. It is a taboo to be emotional. Mindfulness teaches how to control emotions, as a suppressant does, so it is in fact not an alternative method. It is okay to learn to handle and control emotions, but one has to work at them, in therapies, to transform them.

What is “matter” exists for science. Reality what cannot be seen, what is not matter but subtle energy, does not exist for them. Even science is materialistic.

Materialism rules the world!

Pim van Lommel, Dutch scientist and cardiologist has been ignored and ridiculed by the most of his fellow professors, until The Lancet (magazine for scientists) published a supporting article (you can download it by clicking on “hier”, it is in English) about him. He wrote a book about Near Death Experiences: “Consciousness Beyond Life“.

Slowly the taboo around Near Death Experiences disappears, also in science.


The original post was created and published on April 2, 2012.

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