This is part 5 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it.

  1. Noise
  2. Music and sound
  3. Immunity
  4. Taboos 
  5. Ethics 
  6. Fear
  7. Bach flower remedies
  8. Walnut
  9. Self-tuition



Remarkable: there are taboos which are a protection against evil. Those taboos are connected with Ethics. “The purpose of a taboo is to avoid destruction. Those who do not respect the taboos of a culture endanger the cultural survival, growth or identity. Therefore disregarding the taboos produces self-destruction and/or destruction.”

Interesting is also: How to Turn Social Taboos Into Innovative Products


I speak about some taboos which avoid, block, self development, own choices and from what we, at least in Netherlands, learned later, through the years, that they are “not bad”, “not evil”, and constructive, not destructive, by insight. On that moment of insight the taboo transforms into Freedom. In the Netherlands the media have made much effort to open discussions about taboos, also some excellent writers and professional comedians in the theaters have done wonderful work to liberate the mind of the Dutch people.

All depends on the right insight and the right way of living, developed consciousness, awareness, respect, balance, universal LOVE. Jozef Rulof ‘s books brought me the deepest awareness, more than what I learned from Rudolf Steiner, Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhof, Ronald Beesley, Osho, and the teachings of the Dalai Lama (Buddhism), but all are wonderful spiritual food and a great help to create insight, to break through taboos, to liberate yourself.

Buddhism brought real insight in right or wrong, in universal values, in humanity and how to transform evil by going the Inward Path, to the deepest Self, what is present in all human beings, what is waiting for Liberation, for Awakening and Enlightenment.


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