Bach flower remedies

This is part 7 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it.

  1. Noise
  2. Music and sound
  3. Immunity
  4. Taboos 
  5. Ethics 
  6. Fear
  7. Bach flower remedies
  8. Walnut
  9. Self-tuition


Bach ~ flower remedies

To get a complete view on the Bach flower remedies I would like to invite you to read my blog pages about Dr. Edward Bach.


Shortly: the Bach flower remedies transform negative moods and negative emotions into positivity, and create a positive life style. To start with working with them it is important to dare to face, recognize and acknowledge your negative emotions, your blockades and the taboos you are living with and in. Dare to change! Yourself, and your way of acting. To break through the unhealthy taboos, through negativity, to liberate yourself. To transform your fear into courage.

The best is to contact a professional Bach-flower-therapist who is trained in analyzing moods and kinds of negativism. Otherwise it is not possible to find the right remedy for you. It can be very confronting though! It is not really nice to hear that (for instance) you are manipulating others, that you are bitter, jealous, a kind of a oppressor in your relation with others, a caviller, or too kind, not daring to say no, frustrated, filled with fears, anxiaties, hesitating, keeping all true feelings hidden behind a smiling mask….. Because of the taboos I mentioned, on negativity and our own willing to be seen as the perfect one, “holy”, friendly, good, the best, but living a fake life, you started believing your ideas and thoughts about life, yourself, others, as true.

Example: Once a metaphysical therapist shocked me when responding my words, in which I said that I loved my mother, with the sentence that I was lying. I could not imagine that I did NOT love her. I was completely confused. I loved everybody!!! At least: I felt it like that, seriously, was completely convinced about it, because I lived the rules and laws for being a good human being. Important to know is that I did not accept the words of the therapist as true. These words made me thinking, and now, when I am typing these words, so many years after, I am still digesting the relation between my mother and myself, going still in that reality, and finding more and more the reasons, possible reasons, why I have searched my entire life for her love, and how I found ways to live with the reality that though she cared for me, much, and excellent, she did not love me with that intense feeling of being connected, not hug me, not kiss me, not listen to me, not talk with me. If: hardly, and short.

That I lived with my self created truth, but not true, was not truthful and honest to my Higher/Deeper Self, but an excellent way to survive. That became more and more clear when I started with therapy, with going deeper inside of my own being, my soul. Then I discovered all the collected dirt. From the time I was born. I had denied my feelings, hidden them, suppressed them. Yes, I got sick also. For a long time. Sometimes old hidden suppressed negative emotions still pop up, to be watched, to be faced, to be healed. I am still in a monologue with my mother, in thoughts, via the mind, (she passed away ten years ago) and it helps me.

Bach flower remedies are a therapy for the longer term and are very helpful to work with yourself, because they create dreams, transformations. They work on a very deep utterly subtle level.

It is not possible to get rid of all your negativity within some days, weeks or months, years. It would be impossible to digest all what is hidden in several layers of your consciousness in a short time, because all the transformations take loads of energy, and going through processes also affect the physical energy. Sleep is a must to recover from it, and it feels really absolutely perfect to follow up the body language. More and more peace will be inside of you: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

One very important remedy for protecting yourself against negativity around you is the remedy Walnut. This will be explained in part 8 of this serial.




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