All in nature has its rhythm. Rhythm is connected with time, you can walk faster or slower for instance. The more we live in our own natural rhythm the happier we feel, the healthier we are.

Our heart has a rhythm. It can go faster, or slower. Sometimes it can go so fast that it could frighten us. If you re really worried: go to your GP. You can also use Hawthorn ( Meidoorn) : Crataegus. It nourishes the heart muscle and has a positive effect on the blood pressure which is too high: it harmonises.

Very healthy is moving on a rhythm, dancing! Dancing is also excellent to bring back the balance from being far too much with all your energy in your head for thinking, working at the computer, and so on.

It is also excellent to bring you back into the now, the present, when you are too much floating in spiritual atmospheres, and searching for spiritual development. Being or wanting to be too much sky high, also as a kind of a flight from the reality of life, is creating disbalance, and openings for negative spiritual energies.

Rhythm is also needed in being active and/or passive.

When you live in a steady rhythm concerning being awake, and sleeping, you will sleep better, deeper and will be healthier, and be more resistant for diseases. Emotionally you will be stronger, also mentally and physically. Because of the created harmony in all your vital organs and systems, also the nerve systems.

This counts also for the rhythm for the times we use the meals.

Life has it’s rhythm in the seasons. As a human being we have also our rhythm in the period of the life we are living. Listen to the signals the body sends to your awareness. It is okay to rest in the afternoon when you are tired. A nap for half an hour regenerates us and you will only gain time, not loose it. You will keep fun for work with it. So: if possible: take a nap! You don’t need to be afraid that you will not sleep that well during the night! Create a rhythm.



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