Do cellphones belong in green commerce?

Green commerce

Green ecommerce, or eco-friendly ecommerce, refers to the practice of selling products online using methods that limit the impact on the environment. Cellphones, also so-called green phones, are absolutely not eco-friendly: the impact of wireless radiation from the billions of cellphones and their necessary cell towers and satellites, on humans, nature, wildlife, on bees, insects, amphibians, birds, whales, dolphins, trees, etc. is dramatic[EMF-links]. Knowing this, I had to make a choice for my own green business webshop: Cretan-Garden. WordPress sent me a note: you have not activated the WordPress settings for cellphones.

Shades of Green

The shades of opt for green do have a negative effect on the case of sale over the internet: the website adjustments for cellphones are not activated, which means that the cellphone user cannot watch the Cretan-Garden website in the WordPress-cellphone-view. What is visible is excellent for a laptop or a computer, so, on bigger screens, but the website is too big for a cellphone screen. There is more: the most of the cellphone users do not have a laptop or computer, and use their cellphone as a computer, as a laptop, and even pay via their cellphone. The only really green payment method is a bank transfer, with logging into a bank account. This is only possible with a computer, or a laptop, reason why I chose for this option and of course I also explain why people should use a cabled laptop/computer.

Note: in Norway the Norwegian Bank DNB has developed a cellphone app named Vipps. It can only be used for payments when the one who has to be paid has a Vipps-app as well. Since I do not have a public telephone number, and no internet on the mobile phone, it is impossible for customers to use Vipps. To be honest: it is shocking to discover how many people use their cellphone as a computer. It hurts me to experience resistance against my choices. I explain on the homepage of my webshop that a laptop costs the half of a cellphone, and that the screen is at least six time bigger than the screen of a cellphone. Shortly: the experience of a laptop is so much nicer, and greener, when the computer is wired. There are second hand laptops, re-used = sustainable, and when wired, even green.

The consequences are that the most of the potential customers quit, and leave the website. This means that I lose income. It is a conscious choice to do it as I do it: I do not activate the cellphone settings, I do not want any other payment method than a bank transfer.

Green Business Certification

The products I sell via Cretan-Garden, handmade soaps, are created out of ecologically cultivated, harvested and packed olive oil, herbs and essential oils. I buy large quantities, at once, named “bulk”. The product is from A to Z green: also the wrapper, the printing. The packaging material consists of recycled paper and cardboard. The soap is bio-degradable, and has no expiry date. Green Business Certifications as I want do not exist. How come? ALL sorts of business, enterprises, webshops “forget”[= do not know, are not informed, are not aware, do not believe] that wireless radiation pollutes the environment, so they do work with wireless, and even encourage the use of wireless. Amazon has a green business certification. While Amazon is right now orbiting 5G satellites, into the ionosphere. Amazon is, because of their contribution to the wireless pollution, one of the biggest polluters in the world, and therefore one of those who are accountable for all the consequences of that on wildlife, animals, birds, bees, all life forms. But they have a green label.

This means that I will have to create my own certification, which will include also that the webshop was created on a wired computer, is hosted on a wired computer, only allows the green bank transfers, and has not activated the cellphone settings, in order to discourage the use of it.

Picture: my own design. You are allowed to use it if you have a similar view on green business, work guaranteed at a wired computer/laptop, support bank transfers (wired transfers), and discourage cellphone use.

Picture: no copyrights. Title: Green Business: webshop developed at an EMF free, wired, computer

Question: Do cellphones belong in green commerce? Answer: No.


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