Sanna got sick from the new electricity meters

Original headline: Sanna blev sjuk av de nya elmätarna
Published: September 12, 2022
In: Strålskyddsstiftelsen (the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation)

Source: Strålskyddsstiftelsen

Sanna Månemys suffered severe headaches, difficulty sleeping, dizziness and cardiac arrhythmia after the electricity company installed five new so-called “smart” electricity meters on the other side of the wall to her apartment. The dog started urinating inside and did not sleep at night.

On August 18, Sanna sees a car from the electricity company parked outside the apartment building where she lives. She went down to the basement where the electrical cabinets are and discovers that a fitter is replacing the electricity meters which are located only 2 meters from her apartment. Before then, the electricity company had not informed either the property owner or the tenants about the electricity meter change.

Headache, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmia

Sanna asked the installer about the radiation from these new meters and received the answer that they only sent a short signal once an hour to the nearest receiver, i.e. the nearest base station. But that would turn out not to be true on a later check.

– Already in the evening of the same day after they were installed, the headaches started and only increased and increased. It became more and more difficult to sleep and during the weekend nausea, dizziness and I felt sick to my stomach. The following night I woke up clenching my jaw so hard it felt like I was going to break my teeth. I lay taut as a spring and with tightly clenched fists. My heart was beating irregularly, making extra beats and I had severe dizziness.

The dog had sleeping problems and peed inside

Sanna’s dog started urinating inside and wandered around at night, obviously unable to rest or sleep. The dog was clearly also affected.

She also noticed that all the bumblebees that were previously in large numbers in a flower bed outside the house had completely disappeared after the replacement of the meters.

Sanna has a radiation meter that could measure the microwave radiation from the electricity meters. Contrary to the information provided by the installer from the electricity company, the electricity meters radiated continuously with 4 very strong pulses per second. The radiation was high and the highest maximum value measured during the time she measured about 50 cm from the meters was at most 457,000 microwatts per square meter (maximum value).

Not the first time

On August 22, Sanna calls the electricity company and then gets to speak to a person who is responsible for the introduction of the electricity meters.

I told you how I feel about the meters. He listened with interest, was friendly and understanding. It was not the first time that the electricity companies were informed by people who received these reactions from the meters.

The next day, the man from the electricity company visits Sanna and she then shows how she hung up shielding fabric and aluminum cardboard in her apartment to dampen the incoming radiation from the electricity meters. She also uses the meter to show the levels of radiation she is exposed to in her home from the new meters and how much radiation is emitted from the meters in the basement space where they are located. The man then also says that Sanna is not the first to contact him who has had these problems after installing the electricity meters. He had been at the home of several people who suffered from ill health symptoms.

The electricity company’s representative then offered the solution of moving the meters to a tin cabinet outside the house.

The property owner’s wife has also developed ill health symptoms from the radiation exposure from the new electricity meters after a visit to Sanna’s apartment.

The electricity company turns off the meters

After a few days and further conversations with the power company, they announce that they will move the electrical cabinets and meters from the basement to a location outside the property and also install a separate directional antenna that communicates with the nearest base station in a single direction, instead of the radiation emitted by omnidirectional antennas inside the meters. It will significantly reduce residents’ exposure to microwave radiation from the electricity meters. In the meantime, until the move is completed, the wireless function is turned off on the new “smart” electricity meters in the basement.

After the wireless function of the electricity meters has been turned off, the radiation levels are back at the same low level as before in Sanna’s home. The symptoms have started to subside. The dog sleeps well again at night and has stopped peeing inside.

The picture below shows Sanna and her dog in front of the electricity meters after the wireless function has been switched off. The meter in her hand shows that the microwave radiation from the meters is gone.

Source: Strålskyddsstiftelsen

Sanna believes that out of sheer stinginess, the electricity companies place the meters in such places that the exposure becomes unnecessarily high, for example in basements or inside people’s homes:

– This was a trip to hell for me. 13 days with these high pulses, 240 per minute hacking through my head and body, around the clock. It should be a criminal offense to subject others to this torture. They know that these meters are harmful to health. They replace them in the existing location inside homes to avoid additional costs for moving electrical cabinets, despite the fact that they violate the rules of consideration in the Environmental Code, chapter 2, paragraph 2 and 3. This is a scandal!

“Best possible technology”

The new requirements for electricity meters were decided by the government in 2018. However, nothing is said in the requirements that the meters must communicate using microwaves and the Environmental Code’s requirement that the best possible technology be used “if there is reason to assume inconvenience” for human health still applies.

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