The EMF Show with Dr. Sharon Goldberg

Published: July 12, 2022
In: Green Street Radio
On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug talk with Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Integrative and Functional Medicine physician and expert in clinical electro-magnetics, about RF radiation, mold and their combined impact on our health and well being.

Interview starts: 22:23

Introductory talk

1. EMF Medical Conference 2019 Lecture – Neurologic and cardiometabolic effects of EMF

A discussion of chronic disease epidemics in the context of EMF exposure including diabetes, stroke and neuropsychiatric illness . Mechanisms of harm are also discussed with a focus on oxidative stress.

This was the opening lecture for EMFC (EMF Conference 2019, Scotts Valley, CA) – the first medical conference on health effects of electromagnetic fields to offer continuing medical education to physicians. The conference was the vision of environmental medicine pioneer Dr. William Rea, founder of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas (USA).

Lecture includes
– Long introduction to the topic of clinical electromagnetics, including AC (alternating current) versus DC (direct current) electricity, why AC is more biologically active than DC, and an overview of the 4 main fields of interest to human health and chronic disease.
– Metabolic restriction and magnetic fields, the obesity connection (25 min mark)
– Diabetes and wireless radiation (section begins at the 17 min mark)
– Effect of microwave exposure differs even in the same patient/same exposure at different times (33 min mark)
– Neurologic/CNS effects discussion begins at 33 min mark


2. EMF Medical Conference 2021 Lecture – Bacterial Effects of EMF

Medical lecture given at EMFMC2021, an international medical conference on EMF Associated Illness. Over 850 people attended from 30 different countries.

This talk covers the effects of wireless radiation (radiofrequency/microwaves) on bacteria and reviews the scientific literature on antibiotic resistance and human microbiome effects of EMF.

For physicians and other health professionals interested in taking the course and earning up to 24.5 CME/CE credits, the EMFMC2021 course is still available in an online, on demand format. For more information, please visit the EMFMC2021 website:


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