Electromagnetic Radiations on the Functional Potential of Spermatozoa

Electromagnetic Radiations on the Functional Potential of Spermatozoa
Published: June 2021
By: Dhasarathan Pallvarnanathasamy, Anna University, Chennai (India) · Department of Biotechnology


The growing exposure to digital communication system and tools leads to radiation toxicity to the users. Unaware of the safety measures even a kid at the age of one starts operating digital gadgets emitting Radio frequency electromagnetic radiations. Radiations from mobile phones laptops, note pad, Wi-Fi or other devices are reported to be harmful beyond the permissible limit. So there is a growing concern for the overall health, reproductive, and hormonal functions.

Experimental studies were conducted by using a Wi-Fi network active laptop and live spermatozoa. The exposure of sperms to the source of EMF showed that the activity of the live sperms got reduced and mortality was observed depending on the exposure duration and the distance from EMF sources.

After 5h of exposure to RF-EMF source the semen quality changed when compared with control. The vitality of sperm in the control was 95±1.0 after 2 hr and it was reduced to 60±1.5 percent at a distance of 1cm and 55±2.2 percent at a distance of 10 cm. After 5 hour exposure, the vitality was reduced to 63±1.86 at 1 cm distance and 70±1.42 at 10 cm distance.

The reduction in vitality of sperm after exposure to RF-EMF source for 2 hours was 35% at 1cm and 40% at 10cm distance.

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Possible conclusions

Please check all available graphics on the web, about the explosive increase of transgenders during the last twenty years. They are all showing the same curve. Is it a coincidence that the transgender growth curves and the cellphone users growth curves are all parallel with each other? This article: Written in DNA—study reveals potential biological basis for transgender might be an indication into the right direction to find an answer. EMF however is not mentioned in it, but that is quite normal: science is still in a denial, mostly a conscious denial, about the correlation between EMF and DNA: writing about the correlation is mostly categorized as a conspiracy theory by Telecom “scientists” and safety guidelines decisionmakers like ICNIRP[see links above]. Therefore lots of scientists prefer to be the silent coward, and do not write or talk about the health hazards of wireless radiation, despite the many alarming research results, or worse: preferring the money by serving Telecom, and consciously lying.

The correlation of DNA damage and EMF brings the content of the article into a possible and clear perspective and to the conclusion, that the tsunamic growth in the amount of transgenders is the result of a harmed DNA, caused by EMF exposure. If so, then transgenderism is a kind of a birth defect, hidden for the world outside the person, but sensed within, and so difficult to explain.

There do exist explanations of the explosive growth in transgenderism however that are based on another aspect of wireless devices like cellphones, iPads etc.: the via these devices created communication and discussion about it, and via that the growing openness about, and acceptance of the subject.

The one explanation does not exclude the other. Both are possible. Furthermore, I wonder what the effect of EMF will be on the next generation, the children of transgenders, who are using a cellphone 24/7/365, in a world with radiation levels that were not existing when the transgenders of today were still the sperm and the egg cell, in the process of uniting and becoming a foetus, an embryo: there was only 2G, 3G. Do not forget to read: EMF Exposure and Pregnancy Risks and the other links I added. Prevention is better than cure. A harmed DNA cannot be repaired.


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