ICNIRP: identity, location and nationality


  1. Introduction: what is ICNIRP?
  2. The International German Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
  3. The German location of 1. ICNIRP headquarters, 2. Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BsF) and 3. Helmholz Zentrum München GmbH. They are all three on the same address.
  4. The role of the German Dr. Angela Merkel (German chancellor from 2005-2021; former minister and boss of BsF from 1994-1998)
  5. Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS / the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection
  6. Helmholtz Zentrum München, Neuherberg, (Oberschleißheim), Germany
  7. Conclusion: ICNIRP is German, not international.
  8. Additional information

1. Introduction

Most important to know before continuing reading this article is, that the science about EMF and RF is split into two each other opposing research methods and research groups. The first group consists out of neutral scientists, who study and research the biological effects and the thermal effects of wireless radiation. The second group consists out of well paid industrial scientists, who, like ICNIRP, only research and acknowledge the thermal effects, which in practice, of course not by coincidence, offer the best guarantee for industrial growth and/or political power.

How dangerous the ICNIRP view is, namely that only the thermal effects of wireless radiation are relevant for creating safe guidelines, becomes clear when one realizes what exactly is written and meant in a sentence from the article: The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields, by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, published in March 2012.

Many of the reported biological effects of non-ionising electromagnetic fields occur at levels
too low to cause significant heating; i.e. they are non-thermal.

This means that the so-called “Grenzwerten”, a German term for “threshold values” or “limits” used by ICNIRP are at a height so high, that its ceiling can hardly be reached ever, and we must sincerely wonder NOW who and what will be alive to witness that, when it is reached.

The two columns in the following graphic show on the left the ceiling of the thermal effects as decided by neutral scientists, who also acknowledge the biological effects, the non-thermal effects of RF, EMF. The second column shows the ICNIRP ceiling, at 60, and according to ICNIRP even THAT is safe. The first column shows the reality. The reality, as real consequences of the ICNIRP “safety guidelines” are NOW already catastrophic, while still far away from its absolute limit.

Graphic 1. Column 1: Neutral science limits (biological) / Column 2: ICNIRP limits (thermal)

These catastrophic consequences are to be found in this blog. In the menu bar on the top you can find “EMF links“. A drop-down menu opens when you mouse-over. A comment on the ICNIRP safety guidelines is from Lennart Hardell et al., and to be found here.

Note: I have done my utmost to be complete and correct. All is well considered, checked, and re-checked. It has been impossible to offer a shorter version without violating the total picture. The story of ICNIRP is complex, and entangled with scandals, corruption, conflicts of interest, and politics. The name ICNIRP is not correct, and has to be changed. In this article I explain why. In case you have additional information and/or corrections, please contact me.

2. The International German Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection is essentially not international at all, though the term “international” could be tolerated if the group would politically not be so intense powerful. Because of the political power of this group, governments from all over the world should have a voice in the creation of guidelines, in order to protect their people against the health hazards of wireless radiation. However: not any government has a voice in decisions. On this moment nobody is protected, governments are ignorant because they have not any idea where RF, EMF, are about, what safe levels are, and the right guidelines to prevent illnesses, deaths. They leave all that to the “experts”. But the ICNIRP commissioners and SEG members are not experts. It is per definition impossible to be an expert in wireless radiation when one excludes the biological effects of it, and only acknowledges the thermal effects. ICNIRP science is crippled science.

Graphic 3. Forecast of total worldwide mobile data usage.

The safety guidelines about wireless radiation should be created, because of the in high speed expanding tsunami of radiation levels [see graphic above, see also Extremely high radiation in Stockholm, Sweden], in a democratic and open discussion in meetings with governments, world leaders, Prime Ministers, political parties, national and international healthcare institutions, and neutral, internationally acknowledged scientists in the field of EMF; also citizens. Now, these guidelines are approved by the German Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz[the German Federal Office For Radiation Protection], published by ICNIRP, spread via WHO, EU, healthcare institutions, and copied by ARPA NSA, Safetycode6, and FCC, and implemented by governments. There have never been such international discussions. The entire world follows the German Strahlenschutz, founded by the German government, paid by it, owned by it, controlled by it.

An important issue here are the so-called epidemiologists. ICNIRP’s Martin Röösli is an epidemiologist, and though he has not an academic degree in physics, RF, EMF, he claims to be an expert in wireless radiation. IF he was indeed an epidemiologist in the field of EMF, there should have been at least a contact with the author of the article in the former paragraph, Strålsskyddsstiftelsen, about what is happening right now, 2022, in Sweden. Read: Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields – an analysis.

The ICNIRP way to keep their commission and SEG members group closed for scientists with a different view, should be categorized as scientific discrimination, even an attempt to extinct neutral science, that is researching the biological effects of RF, EMF. The extinction of neutral science is a real threat because of Telecom’s yearly trillions of dollars profit, to be used also for campaigns against neutral science, to silence their research, till it finally has disappeared, wiped out, completely. Like in WWII Jews were excommunicated because of their race, in the same way the science of scientists, who oppose the ICNIRP view, is not tolerated, not welcome in the group ICNIRP, neither in the Big Newspapers, and neither in the social media. They are cynically humiliated. Their research findings are not so easy to be found, while there are thousands. According to ICNIRP, they, the biological effects researching scientists, never ever research enough (“still more evidence needed”). As long ICNIRP governs, it will not be possible to change their guidelines. These guidelines do not protect us.

That is the exact reason why just a few scientists, filtered out from the total of scientists from around the globe, are invited by ICNIRP itself, to become a commissioner or SEG member. This happens without any transparency about the protocol, the procedure of the selection, the standards, the agreements, the contract, the payments, or an eventual oath to keep all secret, also when not an ICNIRP chair, vice chair, commissioner or SEG member anymore. Nobody knows where ICNIRP holds meetings, how often they meet each other. ICNIRP offers workshops [name it lobbying], everywhere in the world. Because of Covid no new workshops are planned [d.d. February 9, 2022], but here you can find past workshops.

There are certainly much more investigations of ICNIRP and BsF needed, before the total picture is showing all the details of the German science-culture, related with EMF and safety. Culture: a messing around with guidelines, science, health, laws, economic profit, economic fascism, interests, industry, money, government and scandals. Also: Germany takes the leading role within the European Commission. EU advises the ICNIRP guidelines, not because all other countries are agreeing, but the Germans know exactly how to convince the ignorant among them, which means: all of them. Germany has realized its ultimate dream.

Though the foundation and development of ICNIRP is in itself already a scandal, there are three scandals on the top of the list:

Scandals – 1. Michael Repacholi.

Repacholi was elected as the founding Chairman of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) in 1992. ICNIRP provides guidelines on limiting exposure to all non-ionizing radiations and its guidelines on radiofrequency fields, especially from mobile communications equipment, are now accepted as the international standard by over 50 countries around the world, including Australia. Dr Repacholi was awarded the Health Physics Society’s, W.G. Morgan Lectureship for “Outstanding international contribution to the radiation field” in June 1993 and honorary life membership in the Italian Radiation Protection Society in 1994.

During Repacholi’s chairmanship of ICNIRP, the Commission became a formally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in formal relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labour Office (ILO) and the European Commission (EC). ICNIRP continues to work closely with these bodies on all matters related to non-ionizing radiation protection. Repacholi wrote a history of events leading up to the formation of ICNIRP in 2017. Source

How ICNIRP and BfS, Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, are intertwined with each other, becomes clear in chapter 2: The location of the ICNIRP headquarters. For more details about Mike Repacholi: see chapter 7, Additional Information.

Scandals – 2: BsF and professor Alexander Lerchl.

1. A German court of appeals has ordered Alexander Lerchl to stop smearing the authors of two papers which show that mobile phone radiation can break DNA and possibly cause cancer. For more than a decade, Lerchl, a professor of biology at Jacobs University in Bremen, has charged, without evidence, that the experimental data from Hugo Rüdiger’s lab at the Medical University of Vienna (MUV) were fabricated. In its long-awaited decision, dated December 11, 2020, and released at the end of January, the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Bremen threatened Lerchl with a fine of up to €250,000 (~US$300,000), or six months in prison, if he continues to falsely disparage the Rüdiger papers. The penalties would apply each time Lerchl violates the court order. Lerchl must also pay €20,000 in court costs. Source: Microwave News

2. Over the last 20 years, Germany’s Federal Office of Radiation Protection —the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, or BfS for short— has given Lerchl $5 million in contracts. Lerchl has been the best-funded RF lab researcher in Germany, Europe, and, most likely, the world. Source: Microwave News

For more about Alexander Lerchl, see chapter 7, Additional Information

Scandals – 3: BfS and MOBI-Kids

The “Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz” published on their website, on February 7, 2022: Mobilfunk: Kein erhöhtes Tumorrisiko für Kinder – Studie MOBI-Kids stützt Risikobewertung im Strahlenschutz – Studie MOBI-Kids stützt Risikobewertung im Strahlenschutz. English: Mobilfunk: no increased tumor risk for children MOBI-Kids study supports risk assessment in radiation protection

Alert: MOBI-Kids does NOT support risk assessments in radiation protection!

MOBI-Kids is a Childhood Brain Tumor Risk & Mobile Phone Use Study, published in Science Direct, in February 2022. The study is not reliable, concludes Joel Moskowitz PhD, on his website, in an extended comment. Dr. Marc Arazi, Phonegate Alert, France, published on February 10, 2022, the article: Mobi-kids: Orange at the heart of the study!: “Our investigation into the Mobi-kids study shows how the Orange industrial group was active at the heart of the scientific process. Five employees of its subsidiary Orange Labs took part in the elaboration of the exposure measurement tools for children with brain tumors.” On February 11, 2022, the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz reacted on a tweet of Phonegate Alert, Twitter: follow this conversation here.

3. The German location of the ICNIRP headquarters

Because the European Union has adapted the ICNIRP guidelines ICNIRP could have its headquarters there, where also EU has its headquarters: in Brussels. ICNIRP could also have its headquarters in the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Why? Like EU, WHO has adapted the ICNIRP guidelines, via the WHO-EMFproject. The names and links between names of both ICNIRP, WHO and the WHO-EMFproject are to be found on the same list. WHO is a branch of the United Nations, and therefore scientists sent António Guterres an open letter in November 2020, in which they ask for more transparency. António Guterres has not answered. It is not a coincidence that the ICNIRP/WHO/EU guidelines were, and are, embraced by Telecom, the wireless radiation industry, while being condemned by neutral scientists who warn for the biological effects of wireless radiation. ICNIRP asks permanently and consequently for more evidence, while there are thousands of evidence based research results that wireless radiation is dangerous, causes illness, and even deaths. For ICNIRP it is never enough. Of course this has a reason. By accepting the biological effects of wireless radiation they put the economic profit and growth of all Telecoms in the world at risk, and 5G will be stopped, immediately. See all paragraphs in the ICNIRP article.

ICNIRP has its headquarters not in Brussels, not in Geneva, but in Munich, Germany. Even more astonishing is the fact that it is located on the same address as the German Federal Office For Radiation Protection. In their statutes of 2008, in §1, page 2, ICNIRP writes: (screenshot)

The Commission has its headquarters in Germany,
85764 Oberschleißheim-Neuherberg near Munich.

On the ICNIRP website, the page “Legal Terms”, one can read (screenshot): Verantwortlich im Sinne des §5 des Telemediengesetzes (TMG) ist/ Responsible for this website:
ICNIRP e.V. c/o BfS
Ingolstaedter Landstraße 1
85764 Oberschleissheim

On the website of the German BfS, the German Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, they write (screenshot): The address of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, the
Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS)
Ingolstaedter Landstraße 1
85764 Oberschleissheim

The scientific secretary of both ICNIRP and the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz is the German Dr. Gunde Ziegelberger:
Gunde Ziegelberger holds a PhD in Biology. After a career as senior research assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute, she joined the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz) in 2002, where she is working in the group “Non-Ionizing Radiation“.
Since 2004 she has served ICNIRP as Scientific Secretary. As such she is also a member of the ICNIRP Board together with the Chair and Vice Chair.
” Source: ICNIRP – Scientific Secretariat

4. The role of the German Dr. Angela Merkel (former chancellor of Germany)

Dr. Angela Merkel (17 July 1954) was chancellor of Germany from 2005 to 2021. She was already politically active before 2005. She became Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in 1994 and has used her position and political power in essential decisions in EMF safety, and radiation limit levels, in German language named “Grenzwerten”. In the book 5G WAHN[SINN] the authors Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner and Dr. med. Monika Krout, write:

These limit values were introduced in 1996 when Angela Merkel was Environment Minister. Since then, they have remained practically unchanged. In the meantime, however, as was shown in the chapter on the health risks caused by radio radiation, see page 49 ff., the evidence for the health-damaging effects of radio radiation has increased considerably. Despite this, the federal government has remained inactive. A quote from the Federal Post [Bundespost] Minister at the time, Wolfgang Bötsch (CSU), at the introduction of nationwide mobile communications in 1993 shows that they did not act negligently from the outset, but in full awareness:“The heated discussion in the population about nuclear energy should be in relation be just a gentle breeze to what the mobile phone networks will bring us in the future”.  Source: Google Books, 5G WAHN[SINN]

[Attention: The role of the Federal Post Minister is also linked with Telecom Germany. Deutsche Telekom was formed in 1995, as the former state-owned monopoly Deutsche Bundespost was privatized.]

Source: 5G WAHN[SINN]

The role of Mike Repacholi within radiation levels limits and safety, was part of the open letter, written to Dr. Angela Merkel, by Dr. med. Christine Aschermann and Dr. med. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, in November 2006. For more information about Mike Repacholi, check the list in chapter 8, Additional Information, on this page

5. Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS / the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection

The BfS is supervised by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Angela Merkel has been its minister from November 17, 1994, till October 27, 1998, and has made the essential decisions for the radiation levels in not only Germany, but in entire Europe and the rest of the world, via the BsF’s co-department ICNIRP, and via the with ICNIRP linked WHO. BsF and ICNIRP are located on the same address, in the neighborhood of Munich; Ingolstaedter Landstraße 1, 85764 Oberschleißheim. The headquarters of BsF is located in Salzgitter, and its branch offices are located in BerlinBonnFreiburgGorlebenOberschleißheim and Rendsburg.
This means that the location in the neighborhood of Munich concerns a branch office of BsF, and that ICNIRP is located there most likely because of common interests with that branch of the total empire named Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz.

The BfS has four sub-departments.

  • Fachbereich SK – Sicherheit in der Kerntechnik – Department for Safety in Nuclear Engineering
  • Fachbereich SE – Sicherheit nuklearer Entsorgung – Department for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Disposal
  • Fachbereich SG – Strahlenschutz und Gesundheit – Department for Radiation and Health
  • Fachbereich SW – Strahlenschutz und Umwelt – Department for Radiation and the Environment

It is absolutely imaginable that the BsF building in Oberschleißheim is not related with any BsF branch, and that the building is only there to offer shelter to ICNIRP.

6. Helmholtz Zentrum München, Neuherberg, (Oberschleißheim), Germany

The Helmholz Zentrum München is also located on exactly the same address as BfS and ICNIRP: Ingolstaedter Landstraße1, 85764 Oberschleißheim, Neuherberg, Germany.

Collection of information about Helmholz Zentrum München

1. Mai 1960, die Versuchs- und Ausbildungsstätte für Strahlenschutz der Gesellschaft für Kernforschung. Daraus ging am 23. Juni 1964 die Gesellschaft für Strahlenforschung (GSF) in der Organisationsform einer GmbH hervor, das heutige Helmholtz-Zentrum München. Source

English translation: May 1960 the experimental and training center for radiation protection of the Society for Nuclear Research. From this, on June 23, 1964, the Society for Radiation Research (GSF) emerged in the organizational form of a GmbH, today’s Helmholtz Center Munich.

2. GmbH, also called Aktiengesellschaft, is a German word for a corporation limited by share ownership (i.e. one which is owned by its shareholders) whose shares may be traded on a stock market. 

3. Other source: The Helmholtz Zentrum München is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. It was founded in 1960 and is a joint venture by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home.

4. Picture: a screenshot of the map, showing Neuherberg, with the Helmholtz Zentrum Campus. Both ICNIRP and BfS are located on that Campus. On the map: here – Click for a bigger size picture here

7. Conclusion: ICNIRP is German, NOT international

The international radiation safety guidelines, created by the German ICNIRP, advised by WHO and because of that trusted and implemented worldwide, copied by EU, FCC, ARPA NSA and Safetycode6, are not international guidelines, but German safety guidelines, controlled by Germany, via BfS and Dr. Gunde Ziegelberger, scientific secretary of both ICNIRP and BfS.

ICNIRP only seems to be international, because of the nationality of its commissioners and SEG members. This can be considered as a smart strategy: the minds and thoughts, ideas of these international individuals however, fit seamlessly with the ICNIRP view and “science” about wireless radiation, and that is why they, and only they, are invited to join the group. Applications do not exist. Like in the Roman Catholic Church, where the Cardinals speak the language of the Pope, in ICNIRP the commissioners speak the language of the Chair, and Vice Chair, and also they, the successors of Mike Repacholi, have been screened thoroughly before being elected as the Pope of ICNIRP. It is certain that during the screening- and testing time their minds have been adjusted with the German statutes about wireless radiation protection values and power levels. This strategy covers up the German interests, the conflicts of interest with their own mobile phone market and the global mobile phone market: the economic growth and existence of the German mobile phone market, now and in the future, plus of all Telecoms in the world is depending on the for them perfect guidelines, which have to silence the dangers, ridicule the dangers, by rejecting consequently and permanently the proven health hazards in the research of the biological effects, which oppose the ICNIRP thermal effects. In this way the Telecoms are for 100% protected, and are enjoying a guaranteed successful mobile phone market, now and in the future.

ICNIRP is paid by the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, for 80%, which means: by the German state. ICNIRP is located in a German state building on an industrial area that is owned by the German Helmholz Zentrum München. Nobody knows what is happening behind the German BfS walls and closed doors of the leading international RF EMF radiation decision makers group, in which nobody else has ever stepped inside than the German state, and those who are invited by ICNIRP. Because ICNIRP is located in Germany not any foreign bank has any insight in any kind of transfer of any kind of German industry to fund ICNIRP, and/or BfS.

The power of ICNIRP has expanded dramatically via its unscrupulous founder and chair Mike Repacholi[see chapter 1], and because of Dr. Angela Merkel’s influence on and in BsF, in the time she was a minister, from 1994-1998. Dr. Gunde Ziegelberger is named the scientific secretary, which is in this case also a nice cover-up of her real function: supervisor, or inspector. She is German. She is paid by the German state. The name ICNIRP is wrongly chosen, but it was a smart choice: not anybody dares to doubt about the term International, the weight of that term and the decisions that are made, the reality of their integrity. The result of this is that all governments in the world without checking just copy and paste what the hidden German EMF Empire advises. That EMF Empire has even a disclaimer on their website, to be safe in case Justice finds out whom they really are. The word International however has to be changed into German, the German Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

It is time for the creation of a totally new International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, offering safety guidelines, based on the biological effects of wireless radiation, which indeed protect the people, all life beings, nature, earth, the oceans, and the astronomical skies. May this new commission be chosen in a democratic and therefore transparent way, and may the location of its headquarters be chosen in a democratic and transparent way as well. I propose to invite also the Russian Professor Oleg A. Grigoriev, chair of the Russian Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. Their safety guidelines are based on the biological effects. See Archive Russia. See also: additional information, chapter 8.

8. Additional information

SCIENCE – really?
Health Risk of Mobile Phone Radiation:
What happened to its scientific recognition?
Speech by Wolfgang Maes (1948 – 2019), Building Biology Expert / Journalist DJV
at the Congress “Building Biology – Architecture – Environmental Medicine” of the Institute for Building Biology IBN and the Building Biology Association (VB) at the Cultural Hall of Bad Endorf on May 5, 2006

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