Mass Bird Mortality: Facts and Fables

Update, May 6, 2020 – “A previously unidentifed disease is currently threatening blue tits, great tits and other small songbirds across Germany,” reported the German conservation organization NABU. The first cases were reported on March 11, 2020, and by April 21 the number of reported sick and dead birds was around 26,000. Although this disease is being blamed on a bacterium, its resemblance to COVID-19 cannot be avoided. The birds are being described as “apathetic birds with breathing problems.” They cannot eat, appear to be “unquenchably thirsty,” and then die. Extreme thirst is a widely-reported effect of microwave radiation. It is also commonly reported in cases of COVID-19.


Tits – File:Vogels door Jan van Oort (01).jpg – Wikipedia


Absurdly, NABU is telling people to stop providing feeding stations and water sources in order to enforce “social distancing” for birds. NABU has published a map of German regions showing the number of reported tit deaths per 100,000 inhabitants:


The highest number of bird deaths is occurring along the Mosel River [the Mosel river starts in the French Vosges, and flows via the border of Luxembourg into the beautiful Moselle valley[video], in Germany, where it unites with the river Rhine, in the city of Koblenz.] and in the region around Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. These are areas where Vodafone announced in a press release on April 10, 2020 that it had just expanded its 4G-LTE cell tower network. Vodafone said it had closed “one of the nastiest radio holes” in Lower Saxony, and there had previously only been 2G service along the Mosel River. “The company has implemented more than 1,000 LTE projects in the past few months,” said Vodafone, and is increasing the power of 500 existing LTE stations and upgrading 260 more stations to 4G-LTE.”

From: Newsletter International Appeal
By: Arthur Firstenberg
Published: May 5, 2020


Update, May 5, 2020: A Dutch article, with new facts about the death of birds in The Hague, Netherlands, in November 2018. Plus the death of birds in other European countries: Vogels vallen dood neer en een link naar elektromagnetische velden Translate Dutch into your own language via




1. Fable: The Dead Birds in the Netherlands and 5G, but according to the update of May 5, 2020, not a fable but a fact. [See update above]

The news about the hundreds of dead birds in The Hague, the Netherlands, December 2018, has spread and is still spreading around the world in conspiracy articles and videos about 5G. More and more articles about dead birds, falling in flocks from the sky, appear in the news and are eagerly taken in Stop 5G messages and photos in the social media: I do sincerely understand their wish to find proof that 5G kills. However. 5G can only be stopped with real facts. The real facts about the birds in the Netherlands are known, but ignored by the Stop 5G activists. It did not and does not help to add comments about the truth, the real facts about these Dutch birds. The death of the birds in Netherlands is NOT related with 5G. For more about the Dutch birds: see §13 in “Birds“.


Sort Sol: Sort sol takes place in the hours just after sunset. The birds gather in large flocks and form huge formations in the sky just before they decide for a location to roost for the night. The movements of the formations have been likened to kind of a dance or ballet and the birds are so numerous that they seem to obliterate the sunset, hence the term “sort sol” (Danish for “black sun”).


2. Mass Bird Mortality: 1896 – 2020

I found many scientific articles about mass bird mortality, about birds falling in flocks from the sky. The cause is variable, and though I have searched…. I found just one scientific research that mentions EMF, or cell towers, communication towers as the cause, in the beginning, but some more appeared when searching on the USFWS Conservation Library website, see §5 , or the possible cause: see §4 in this article.

What one can find though is that electromagnetic radiation affects the navigation system in birds, and that birds are even seeing the earth’s electromagnetic fields, via special sensors in their eyes. See §1, §6, §10, §11 and §12 in “Birds“. This means that man-made EMF are indeed disturbing essential systems in birds. Compared with a pilot and an airplane: when the navigation system is not working, or failing, insane accidents happen. Boeing proved it.

Maybe (read it as maybe, possibly, and not as a proved fact) in some cases birds have indeed fallen in flocks from the sky because of electromagnetic radiation from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G cell towers, from high voltage cables, radio towers, radar, but there are more causes. Like: glass green houses, windows in buildings, weather conditions, [and the ongoing climate change creates constant changing and even extreme weather conditions], polluted water, air and food, light beams, ceilometers.

In the list with scholarly articles I found a study of a mass bird mortality that occurred in 1954, in USA. It was caused by ceilometers, together with bad weather conditions. But there are more cases:

Article: Bird Falls
By: Christopher C. Burt,
Published: January 05, 2011

On the Christopher Burt list is also the case where I referred to: Warner Robbins Air Force Base, Georgia, October 7, 1954. In USA more than 100.000 birds of 88 species were killed at 25 localities during three nights. The study can be found completely in this PDF. Some quotes plus a summary:


3. Analysis of Mass Bird Mortality in October, 1954
Authors: David W. Johnston; T. P. Haines

“[…] ….Airport ceilometer: an intense narrow beam of light used commercially to detect the height of the cloud ceiling.

It was this lighted “sky trap” which took the largest toll of birds; fifteen of the mortality instances were at ceilometers. We believe that birds are attracted to this powerful beam of light and some fly through it, but others become temporarily blinded and/or disoriented so that they either fly into each other, or more commonly dash themselves against the ground, low buildings, or other subjects. Indeed, an observer at Warner Robins Air force Base noted birds flying straight downward in the beam and bouncing off a concrete runway!”

“In the final analyses, the innumerable instances of haemorrhages and broken bones now provide undisputed evidence that death came as the result of collisions with solid objects.”

Summary: Between 5 and 8 October 1954, twenty-five instances of mass bird mortality were recorded in the eastern and southern United States. They occurred primarily at airport ceilometers, but also at radio and television antennae and tall buildings. An advancing cold front in the autumn is believed to have precipitated these mass mortalities by bringing together adverse weather conditions (especially a lowered cloud ceiling), nocturnal migrants, ceilometers and/or tall obstructions.
More than 100.000 birds of 88 species were killed at the 25 localities during these three nights. The Oven-bird, Magnolia Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, and the Chestnut-sided Warbler were the most abundant species recorded at the sites. Most of the 88 species were common summer residents or transients at these localities, but a few supposed non migrants and winter birds were also killed.
At Warner Robins Air force Base, Georgia, the largest ceilometer kill in recorded history occurred on October 8, 1954: 53 species and an estimated 50.000 individuals were killed. From these, a sample of 2552 birds was examined. Data on weight, sex, age, fat deposition, and subspecific determination are presented for many of the species. Weight variation among these fat fall migrants is believed to be due primarily to variation in fat deposits. Subspecies recorded in the kill indicate a convergence on this area by migrants from north-easterly northerly, and westerly points.”

4. Clear the way for birds! IMBD explores bird collisions
Published: March, 2005

Credit: John Doe, USFWSThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Digital Library is a searchable collection of selected images, historical artifacts, audio clips, publications, and video, most of which are in the public domain. Those not in the public domain are intended for personal, private use.

Communication Towers / Cell towers
Communication towers provide coverage for cell phones, pagers, television and radio — technologies that are central to our lives. Over 140,000 towers are located in the United States, and as many as 5,000 new towers are erected each year. Bird collisions at towers have been reported for over 50 years, and studies are ongoing to determine the causes and solutions. The towers that are the most hazardous to birds are those that are over 200 feet, are illuminated at night with red lights, are supported by guy wires, and are located in migration corridors, near wetlands and in areas prone to fog, low clouds, and precipitation. Birds that migrate at night are drawn to tower lights, especially in poor weather. Disoriented, they circle the area, eventually striking the guy wires, the tower, or even one another.
Solutions ~ Birds are less likely to be harmed by shorter structures that do not require lighting or guy wires, lights that are white or green, and towers that are located away from migration corridors and cloudy areas.
Creative placement of new towers includes using existing buildings.

5. Digging deeper in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Conservation Library

When using the search terms: *birds, *communication towers, *avian collision, on the USFWS Conservation Library website, several peer-reviewed articles appeared: take a look here.

6. Who is, or are to be blamed in any case a cell tower is the cause?

On Twitter it is possible to see from what kind of a device a tweet has been sent. I notice that often a mobile phone or iPad, a tablet, any kind of wireless device, is used without any awareness: one is tweeting about the harming radiation of 5G, 4G, smart meters, about birds that fall in flocks from the sky, from a cell phone, so, by using a cell tower to tweet, and creating radiation where birds suffer from, and lose control over their navigation systems! These are the people that are on the forefront of the Stop 5G movement, while contributing to the telecom industry. This is comparable with smoking cigarettes in a protest march against the tobacco industry. So, the slogan of the Stop 5G movement should change into: “Stop 5G, stop using your cell phone!”

Or: do not blame the industry while supporting the industry, with a very expensive device, with a battery inside, created out of coltan, mined in Congo, by children, slaves. 6.000.000 people have been killed in the war about coltan. A genocide. Can one imagine any other man-made creation that is more killing than this one? No. So: stop pointing to the 5G industry while using a cell phone. BE the change!!

Arthur Firstenberg about the responsibility of the mobile user, start: 1:49


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