5G, Coronavirus and ICNIRP


I. Introduction

To understand this article, it is necessary to know what ICNIRP exactly is, and stands for. All is to be found in ICNIRP, investigative files, articles, papers. The one and only conclusion is:

ICNIRP is the group that has paved the path to the shocking reality we live in today: the rollout of 5G, and the coronavirus pandemic. Both 5G and the coronavirus are in a mix of causes and effects. ICNIRP has to be considered as the butcher of all life on earth, by systematically rejecting all thousands of scientific papers, with highly alarming consequences of the by ICNIRP created false EMF guidelines, which are implemented world wide, even in WHO. Life is going undoubtedly to an end, within some years. It is time to stop ICNIRP and bring them into the World Court.


II. Misleading 5G propaganda, via absent information about ICNIRP

The article Here’s why 5G and coronavirus are not connected, published on March 24, 2020 in USA TODAY, is written by Bob O’Donnell.

First: Who is Bob O’Donnell? As usual I start to search for publications on PubMed and ResearchGate. Since he uses the term “science” I started checking. I am one of the very few who check. The results are in this case funny. O’Donnell has published in total 7 papers in ResearchGate, and the most used keyword is “batteries”. Check here. The papers are published between 1992 and 2005. This means that he has not researched anything since 2005, that is 15 years ago. In PubMed he has published 13 papers but none of these is related with science about EMF, 4G, 5G. Check here. Question: How can somebody who is not educated in the fields of EMF judge about “the science” as if there is another “science” that is not “THE” science? Impossible. He proves that himself.

A journalist, who does not know in-depth what he/she propagandises is not an investigative journalist, but a pawn in the in this case chess play of the wireless industry, a chess play with on the other side, indeed, the science, the science that researches the biological effects of wireless radiation. Those who he claims to be “the” scientists, are prostituting science. Prostitution? In science? Yes. Even on universities professors are prostituting science and educate their students to do so as well. Students are promised jobs that pay three times more than normal. With other words: there are scientists who work as whores for their pimps, the industry. More: Evidence based science or prostitution? This means that the industry has even used Bob O’Donnell to collaborate with that system, to play the journalistic whore in their need to prostitute science.


III. More about Bob O’Donnell
1. BUSINESS: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/bob-o-donnell
Bob O’Donnell
Founder and Chief Analyst
TECHnalysis Research

Note: everybody can start a business, a website, and name it as one likes, in order to create expectations that are referred to facts, which can in this case not be checked. It is too simple to name him- or herself founder and/or chief analyst: there is not any other name to be found.

2. FORBES: Bob O’Donnell works for Forbes, an American business magazine for billionaires. Keyword there: 5G https://forbes.com/sites/bobodonnell/#7f0b23ac623a

Forbes is an American business magazine. Published bi-weekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Forbes also reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, politics, and law. Its headquarters is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Primary competitors in the national business magazine category include Fortune and Bloomberg Businessweek. Forbes has international editions in Asia and Europe.

The magazine is well known for its lists and rankings, including of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400), of the America’s Wealthiest Celebrities, of the world’s top companies (the Forbes Global 2000), 30 Under 30, World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, and The World’s Billionaires.[3] The motto of Forbes magazine is “Change the World”.[4] Its chair and editor-in-chief is Steve Forbes, and its CEO is Mike Federle.[5] In 2014, it was sold to a Hong Kong-based investment group, Integrated Whale Media Investments.[6][7]


IV. The 5G propaganda article: Here’s why 5G and coronavirus are not connected

The content of the article is a total of some paragraphs, in which the author Bob O’Donnell spends more time to try to convince the readers of what he declares baselessly the conspiracy theories around 5G and the coronavirus, and what “the science” writes about it — read: “what ICNIRP and WHO write about it” — but WHO is essentially ICNIRP. ICNIRP is not telling any scientific fact because their guidelines are based on not relevant research, and therefore false, but these are, indeed, industry friendly, not life friendly, but industry-, economy-, capital friendly.  In some sentences Bob O’Donnell  tries to explain the utterly complex complexity of the project 5G. Of course he fails in that. He is totally ignorant. Not mentioned are satellites, ionosphere, phased arrays. He does not explain what millimetre waves are. He does not mention that 4G was and is creating already an extinction of several life forms, is creating illnesses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes. For those who need to be convinced about the 4G truth: I have collected all kinds of links to science based articles, papers, files: here. The cause of this extinction, harm, diseases and…. Coronavirus pandemic, is ICNIRP, and the by ICNIRP governed WHO. All what I write is verified via investigative files, articles, papers in the long and still growing article about ICNIRP.


V. Here’s why 5G and coronavirus are indeed connected

In some posts and pages one can check the connection between 5G and the coronavirus. These posts and pages are:

  1. Viruses and Bacteria
  2. Arthur Firstenberg ~ The Hidden Dangers Of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation
  3. The link between electromagnetic radiation and illnesses
  4. The Coronavirus and 5G

All known facts about the flu pandemics of the past are analysed [see Viruses and Bacteria, 3. The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life.], but of course not all facts about the COVID-19 are analysed now already. This is impossible. The epidemic started in November 2019, in Wuhan, China, exactly when Wuhan city commercialised 5G, 4 months ago. —Wuhan was already one of the first Chinese 5G test cities.— Research needs many years to collect all the details, to analyse, organise, discuss, re-organise, and filter out all what is essential, remarkable, relevant, or not relevant, and to finally make conclusions. Within the total of today’s factual consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on humans, the society and the economy, it is absolutely life-dangerous, and therefore highly irresponsible and unethical, to ignore the well-founded analyses that are already available, but Bob O’Donnell makes it even worse: he rejects these well thought out hypotheses as “conspiracy theories”. The well-founded conclusion now is that 5G is indeed related with COVID-19, but it is not the direct cause [see: Arthur Firstenberg, 5G and the Coronavirus, Newsletter 26 March 2020]. How the corona virus pandemic is related with 5G, what exactly the “5G factor” is within the phenomenon “COVID-19”, and which the other factors of all we experience now are, is to be studied, after the 5G project has been stopped drastically and totally, which has to happen immediately, because of all we are witnessing now. The industrials however keep on hiding behind ICNIRP, and order their news messengers to spread misleading texts about ICNIRP, a proved to be corrupt industrial/political group, that is, together with WHO, fully responsible for all physical, emotional, mental, economical, and social horror, the total chaos we are in now.

Essential lives-saving step number one is to stop 5G, and to stop fraudulent journalism, as provided by journalists like Bob O’Donnell. Factually all newspapers publish fraudulent articles about 5G. The 5G articles are without any exception written by ignorant journalists, not educated in the field they are writing about, therefore not able to judge, or to criticize and not having the knowledge to categorize real science based information as a conspiracy theory. There should be a law that forces newspapers, all news media, to publish the C.V. of their authors, so that people can check if they indeed studied “that” what they pretend to have studied, and exactly “there”, the city where the university can be found and asked for information about the journalist. Now journalists can write what they like, lie about that where they like to lie about and are paid for, and are therefore not even mentioning any source —this would mean that they have to expose an empty list— while bluffing they are writing about “science”. They LIE.

Each new “G” has to be researched for at least 10 years, as Professor Oleg Grigoriev, chairman of RusCNIRP, explains in this article. Even 3G and 4G researches are not finished yet.

Arthur Firstenberg: We are on the edge of total extinction, within some years, if 5G continues to be rolled out and 5G satellites are going to be activated:

On Wednesday, March 18, SpaceX launched 60 more satellites into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites orbiting the earth to 350.

Also on March 18, OneWeb launched 34 more satellites into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, bringing the total of OneWeb’s satellites orbiting the earth to 74.

None of these satellites have yet gone into operation, but on March 13, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission granted SpaceX permission to sell one million user devices to American customers. This has turned a long-standing concern into an emergency. For last fall, SpaceX announced its intention to begin providing 5G service to the northern United States and southern Canada after it had at least 400 satellites orbiting the earth. The threat to terrestrial life — at least in portions of North America — may now be only weeks away.

I have summarized the threat to life posed by SpaceX in previous newsletters but it bears repeating. The energy for life is provided not only by the food we eat and the air we breathe, but by the electricity that we imbibe from earth and sky, which circulates through our acupuncture meridians, feeding our organs from the day we are born until the day we die.

The source of the electricity that sustains us and circulates through our bodies is the earth’s own source of high voltage: the ionosphere. If we pollute that source with millions of pulsed, modulated frequencies, we will destroy all life on the surface of the Earth, including the birds in the sky and the fish in the oceans. And since they will all be orbiting in the ionosphere, that is exactly what all these satellites will do.

Astronomers study the circulation of energy between the sun and the ionosphere. Atmospheric physicists study the global electrical circuit between the ionosphere and the earth. Doctors of Oriental Medicine study the circulation of energy within our bodies. Geophysicists are studying the effects of power line radiation on the ionosphere. But nobody is looking at the whole picture. Nobody is asking what the massive pollution of this source of energy will do to the community of life that it nourishes. Experience with Iridium (now operating 66 satellites) and Globalstar (now operating 48 satellites) tells us that the extinction of life will not be gradual. If thousands of satellites are turned on at once, it will be sudden and devastating. If service begins with only hundreds of satellites to a limited part of the world, and increases to global coverage from thousands of satellites next year, it may be a little less sudden but the end result — the extinction of most life — will be the same.


[Here More Satellites Launched, illustrated, A.J.]





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