The Forgotten Pollution

The_Forgotten_Pollution The author of the book “The Forgotten Pollution”, Rein André Roos, is born in 1943 in Harlingen, Frise, The Netherlands. He is a Higher Electronic Engineer of the Polytechnic in Hilversum, the Netherlands. He promoted cum laude, with honor, in Plasma Physics at the University of Paris XI. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine conform the program of the Chengdu University, China. In 1996 a book was written on the behavior of giant storms under the influence of atmospheric electricity: “The Forgotten Pollution“. [Preview][ResearchGate]

In March 2020 two additional parts have been published.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rein André Roos’s study of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Chengdu University in  China, and his choice to add this study to the information of his Academia profile, next to the studies in exact sciences at the Polytechnic in Hilversum, Netherlands, and later the exact science study of Plasma Physics at the University of Paris XI, France, indicates that he, as an exact scientist, has found essential additional facets in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are, when applied, creating a deeper understanding, a completer even more exact view. Because of that, for us, life beings, the first rays of the light of hope of the solving of the utterly complex and life-dangerous problems of today are creating a new to be expected dawn, while we are still in the darkness of the nightmare named climate change, related catastrophes, and the corona virus pandemic. All these seem to have, surprisingly, a shared cause, according to Rein André Roos’s research results.

In the after the next paragraph following papers Rein André Roos has used especially the five elements earth, wood, metal, water and fire, as applied in Chinese TCM Science, to explain the many subjects. I have written more about Traditional Chinese Medicine here.


The absent pollution in “The Forgotten Pollution”

My total impression is that the two 2020-papers, as an addition to the book “The Forgotten Pollution” from 1996, are very attractive, interesting, and easier to understand than one may expect when reading the subjects in the index. The main reason for adding the book to the list of books about EMF, was and is the index -see the preview–  of the total of chapters that create a connection with Arthur Firstenberg’s book: “The Invisible Rainbow, a History about electricity and Life“. It made me curious about the author and his studies, searched, and found his profile and publications in Academia, started following him there, with the result that I got the two new documents immediately after they were published: March 12, 2020. As written: I was enthusiastic, because even the Coronavirus was mentioned in the total of effects resulting from the interactions of the five elements, as used in TCM.

I was not even wondering if the pollution created by EMF, the billions EMF emitting cell phones and cell towers, the 5G antennas, 5G satellites, brought into low orbit in the global electrical circuit, would be in the research. For me all these facets are so self-evident to be present in 2020-research about pollution, electromagnetic fields, that it is astonishing and utterly disappointing that they is not present. Not one word is mentioned about it.

Update: There are discussions right now that maybe the two parts series are going to be followed up by a part three, with additional information about EMF.

New update: There will be indeed a part three! More details follow as soon available.


Why it is important to read the documents

The documents are very interesting and unique, new, in many ways, and contain facets that are indispensable in the battle against the climate change, so, I hope that they will be read. The documents make me aware of the fact that, even keeping the pollution of the radiation of cell phones, masts, 4G and 5G out, life on earth will stop because of all by Rein André Roos mentioned reasons, especially the absolute absent insight in climate and atmosphere scientists. So, may the scientists wake up, take the road to the wisdom of the East, and be inspired by Rein André Roos’s new documents and findings. But, though the climate change is out of control already – earth is a by too many unseen patient that probably never ever will be healed again – humanity must wakeup now to the fact that the pollution and the effects, created by cellphones, is so enormous, that EMF is the leading polluter in the race of all polluters to the final end. The race is almost finished. You decide. Or earth, or your cell phone.

In the following text, numbers between brackets are added to explain parts of the text via a link, provided after each chapter. The complete texts of the two papers are added as a PDF. The documents can also be downloaded from Academia. PDF 1 / PDF 2


Part 1: The Forgotten Pollution series, vol. I: Dr. Schnabel’s Hepa Filter

ABSTRACT – For a long time epidemiology was based on miasma, or bad air. This mechanism transported spontaneously formed germs: Generation Spontanea. Pasteur and Tyndall showed that bacteria did not develop spontaneously and that their transport was mainly through contact or coughing, thus gravitational. This also ended the miasma theory. Coulier, however, discovered the existence of much smaller particles such as viruses, which can either spread over long distances, or behave in the contact way.  Hence the wild fire of recommendations ranging from safety distances and what to do by spitting and couching. Those who are specialized in aerosol technology, however, know that the viruses are often using electrical properties of the Earth to remain floating in the air for long periods of time, but that they also can adhere to surfaces. This was already known to Dr. Schnabel[1] at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Recent experiments based on this knowledge show that the Personal Protection of Dr. Schnabel against airborne viruses can unravel the relation to the miasma theory.

Keywords: Occupational Health & Safety, Health, Public Health, Chronic illness, Virus, Airborne Particulates, Filter, Corona Virus,

[1] Dr. Schnabel was a plague doctor.

00. Abstract
01. Facet Earth (1) – Epidemiology
02. Facet Metal (1) – Aerosol and Greenfield Gap
03. Facet Metal (2) – The Earth Aerosol Cycle
04. Facet Water – Water: Condensation Nuclei
05. Facet Wood – The Chemists: Nostradamus Pasteur
06. Facet Fire (1) – Personal Protective Equiptment
07. Facet Fire (2) – Dr. Schnabel’s Protective Equipment
08. Facet Fire (3) – Photo Ionization
09. Electrical Enhancement Test
10. Perfume Vapor Enhancement Test
11. Teaching document
12. Application

PDF file of the paper: The Forgotten Pollution series, vol. I, part 1: Dr. Schnabel’s Hepa Filter


Part 2: The Forgotten Pollution series, vol. I: Today’s Hydra[1]


Source: Pinterest

Terrible Taiga-, Australian- and Californian wildfires, collapsing bridges due to torrential rains, melting poles. Today’s mainstream information links it all to “Global Warming” and “Greenhouse Gases”. Too simple, because items like the global lack of vitamin D and even the Corona virus spreading, are also part of it. This paper shows that the problems are caused by the obsession of mankind’s to ‘clean’ the air. These attempts failed. Often the situation even got worse, in fact it became ’Bad air’.
It looks like fighting with a Hydra. You cut off a head, another replaces it.
So we have to find the underlying system. By linking seemingly unrelated events. In this paper we start with a primitive atmosphere test, which is compared with the more then 2500 year old Five Elements System of Chinese civilization. This fusion is applied to the Earth by taking into account its Terrestrial Electrostatics and Hydro activity.
This approach gives a surprisingly sharp picture of problems related to the “clean air” actions. Many people will remain stuck in the thick fog caused by a mixture of CO2, global warming and greenhouse gases. But for some, this work will give a new  insight in this complex matter.

[1] In Greek and Roman mythology the Hydra is a water monster in the shape of a snake with many heads, often also represented as a dragon with many heads.

00. Abstract
01. Earth (1) – Hydra & Urey-Miller
02. Earth (2) – The Five Element System
03. Earth (3) – From Space to Earth
04. Metal (1) – Aerosols
05. Metal (2) – Natural Filtering
06. Water (1) – Condensation Nuclei
07. Wood (1) – Torrential Rain
08. Wood (2) – Electro Spray & Corona Wind
09. Fire (1) –  Calamity Early Warning
10. Fire (2) – Other Electric Phenomena
11. Earth (4) – Vitamin D and the Predators
12. Earth (5) – Incense, Wuhan & Money
13. Nature Letter to the Editor (1990)
14. Nature (1990) – Electrical Air Pollution, not new

PDF of the paper The Forgotten Pollution series, vol. I, part 2: Today’s Hydra

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