Windows 10 disables LAN-port in laptops


Since I am electromagnetic hyper sensitive, and therefore living in a building without Wi-Fi and without a with WiFi working electricity meter, named smartmeter, I work with a LAN network, and cables. I have even disabled the Wi-Fi antenna in the computer: each device has an inbuilt antenna, to receive automatically all radiating Wi-Fi in the area, including the radiation sent from active computers, laptops, iPads and mobile phones of neighbours. If one does not deactivate the Wi-Fi in the settings of the computer, the Wi-Fi connection is turned on automatically after each Windows update.


Windows-10-Updates and LAN-port or Ethernet-port

Windows-10-updates however disable the LAN port in the laptop: the LAN port does not work any more, there is no internet connection any more via the cable. This happened with two laptops, the one followed the other one after some months, after Windows 10 updates. Because I did not know immediately that this was the cause, I had checked all possible causes. I am not the only one with this problem: I have found questions about this in forums that date from 2018. What is a LAN port? A LAN port is also named ethernet port, network connection, and network port, and allows a computer to connect to a network using a wired connection.

A green computer service found a solution: the ethernet adapter. There are several kinds of ethernet adapters, and they have to be plugged in, into an USB port.

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With the latest Windows-10-update there was again a problem: the computer stopped working, after 5 minutes, as if I had turned it off, and this while I use the ethernet adapter. This was the same signal as before I started to use ethernet adapters. I restarted the computer, and the computer found automatically the program I was watching. This was the only time this happened, fortunately: it did not repeat. What Windows 10 is doing exactly when updating, I do not know, nobody knows, but it seems to be so that the industry tries to demotivate users of wired solutions, and to force them to start using WiFi. Message to the industry: I do not give up.


How to create a LAN connection:

There are several tutorials on YouTube with an excellent explanation how to fix this. I did it myself —yes, also women can do this, even when 72— and bought a ready made cable with a length of ten meters (also lengths of 25 meters exist, also 5 meter), that I plugged into a LAN port in the router. The other end of the cable is easy to plug into the ethernet adapter and into the computer. The cable can be mounted to the wall or floor, with cable clips. One can buy these in the same shop, if not go to a D.I.Y. shop. Buy also a hammer there, if you do not have one.

Then go to
1. Settings: click the icon where you see if you are connected with internet, mostly on the bottom, right
2. Click: Network & Internet
3. Click: Network Status
4. Click: Change Adapter Options
5. Click: WiFi icon, and disable
6. Click: Ethernet icon, and enable

EMF-radiation-free-in-ear-head-phoneTo make it for hundred percent radiation safe you should buy a cabled mouse, and EMF radiation free in-ear headphone.




Additional information: A Visual Guide to Computer Cables and Connectors.


File:LAN Port - Ethernet Jack on Cable Modem (Networking Equipment) (29162483347).jpg ---- ---- By: Tony Webster ---- License: cc-by-2.0.

File:LAN Port – Ethernet Jack on Cable Modem (Networking Equipment) (29162483347).jpg By: Tony Webster License: cc-by-2.0.


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