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Updated: 20 January 2020



Being active on Twitter, and following the good, the bad and the ugly in the fields of EMF, wireless radiation, to be able to know what exactly is going on around Stop 5G, and 5G propaganda, I found last week a tweet, published by GSMA Europe, on January 16, 2020, with a link to an article that sounds like music for those with unpractised ears, but those who hear very good do not hear music but shameless, utterly false sounding 5G propaganda. Here follows some info, and a reaction by Arthur Firstenberg.


The Twitter account named GSMA Europe, writes on its profile:
A Mobile Industry Manifesto for Europe
Empowered Consumers
Invigorated Economics ….. is providing updates about the GSMA activities in Europe, Russia and CIS. Website: GSMA Europe

Who are GSMA Europe?
GSMA Website: About Us


GSMA’s propaganda without data: Mobile Creating a Better Future: Climate Action

The link in the tweet leads to a home page, with several different articles, but the link to the article where really is referred to in the tweet is: https://www.gsma.com/betterfuture/mobile-creating-a-better-future-climate-action

To avoid problems with copyrights I do not copy any detail of the article.


The PDF: The Enablement Effect – The impact of mobile communications technologies on carbon emission reductions – No Data

Link to the GSMA Europe PDF, 92 pages: https://www.gsma.com/betterfuture/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/GSMA_Enablement_Effect.pdf

Arthur FirstenbergArthur Firstenberg, in a reaction on GSMA Europe, on January 17, 2020: “….

Pages 1-16 are all propaganda, with no data.
Page 17 links to a supposed “study” on Smart Buildings that showed a 12% energy savings in a hotel. But if you go to that “study” there are also no data.
Page 19 links to a supposed “study on Smart Energy (Smart Grid, etc.). But it is a study about solar panels, not wireless technology. The only element that is wireless is that households pay for the solar panels through a wireless system!
Page 21 links to 4 supposed “studies” on Telecommuting. The first one links to an article with no data, which links to another article with no data. The second one links to a “study” that analyses “potential” savings of energy, not actual savings of energy. The third one links to an article with no data. The fourth one links to an article with no data.
Page 24 links to a supposed “study” about Smart Vehicles. The link is actually to a short article about emission standards that contains no data.
Page 26 links to two supposed “studies” about Smart Parking. The link is actually to two short articles with no data.
Till so far. I do not have the time to look at the rest of the 92 pages document. It is all worthless propaganda.”

What can we learn?

Each one of us is able to filter truth from scam when we follow up the previous shown easy method: just check the links, if there. Every published article, PDF, etc., must be considered as fraud, scam, shameless propaganda, UNLESS sources are mentioned that can be checked, and which prove to be sources with scientific evidence. If not there mark the website, article, PDF, as fraud.


The content of the website of GSMA Europe is fraudulent, misleading.



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