5G roll-out: municipalities oppose to be used as a test lab with guinea pigs


Translated from Einar Flydal‘s blog post: 5G-utrullingen: Kommuner motsetter seg å gjøre innbyggerne til forsøkskaniner


Charlotte Ryø, from the environment-oriented Danish Information Association May Day, has summarized in a small article the European image around the rollout of 5G. The reason is that Helsingør was recently chosen as a test city – without any of the inhabitants being consulted. The Nordic heads of state have been trapped and mislead in the run with the rest of the world to be first. Together they have been successful in jumping over all obstacles and help the industry to roll out the 5G network as quickly as possible (blog post 23.01.2019) – before there are technical standards, before the higher radio frequencies and massive real use of antennas, placed on an utterly short distance of 60 to 100 metres from each other, horizontally and vertically, are pre-tested in reality on the biological effects, and without taking into account the research about the health effects of such exposure, that was already earlier on the table.

People are simply guinea pigs – while research in the past has already provided us with some of the answers:

“This will create more frequent occurrences of diffuse, acute health problems and will increase the frequency of the wide range of health problems that can be associated with the so-called p factor —a medical term used in psychopathology— because of an increased production of oxidants.”

[Additional: Lloyd’s of London excludes coverage for 5G]


Here follows Charlotte Ryø’s small article, which shows that in many places in Europe, local politicians are taking real care for their citizens and giving clear messages that the overruling governmental policy is unacceptable and that 5G development is out of the question:


5G – the Internet of Things is being rolled out, with no technical standards and without pre-testing the biological effects – while a massive majority of research reports shows adverse effects of today’s exposure levels.


It is really astonishing that it is possible that the state dares to decide that a particular city should be the test city or “test rabbit” —guinea pig— for 5G, without consulting or involving the city council of that city in any way, as has happened in Helsingør.

Reports from other cities in Europe indicate that city councils can speak out, and that is exactly what has happened in Brussels. Earlier this year, the Brussels local government refused to raise the threshold for mobile radiation in public space from 6 to 14.5 volts per meter [ie from 95000 µ / m2 to 558000 µW / m2, EC], and the former Minister for the Environment, Christian Democrat Céline Fremault reasoned that the inhabitants should not be used as “Guinea Pigs for 5G”.

Her successor has upheld the decision. Seven Dutch cities have opposed rollout of 5G due to health and safety concerns. A mayor of the municipality of Lozzolo near Milan has simply banned 5G. The mayor has signed a document prohibiting the testing of 5G equipment as well as the installation of 5G transmitters on the municipal land. Another mayor north of Rome has done the same. From Switzerland, which has started 5G at 102 locations in the country, reports are now coming of people getting sick. The French-Swiss magazine L’Illustré has interviewed people in Geneva after receiving 5G, and they talk about alarming symptoms.

Growing resistance is being seen all over the world, and yet the industry claims that “everything is fine”. But why is the telecommunications industry spending so much: over $100.000.000 dollars annually, on lobbying in Washington to stifle any report showing health damage from microwave radiation?

We must support the scepticism that is spreading in the Helsingør City Council. Let’s have a consultation with competent, independent researchers and experts who can answer people’s questions and explain to people from the industry what evidence there is at present for harm to nature and people’s health, and what we as citizens are really concerned about. There are now plenty of reports available, and they need to be made public.

Source of the above including: Stop 5G Denmark

Charlotte Ryø
Oplysningsforbundet May Day
– oplysningsforbund til fremme af sundhed og frihed



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