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Introduction to my video creation “Red Crow speaks”

Living in Norway, in the richness of nature, with unpolluted waters like mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers, forests with an abundance of pine trees, wild flowers and plants, mosses, ferns, rocks, healthy air and natural sounds, absence of disturbing human beings, I feel, and am, blessed.

The contrasts with other parts of the world, even nearby, like my motherland Netherlands, are huge. Maybe Norway is one of the last areas on earth with this pure nature, but even in Norway wilderness is vanishing: wilderness is nature without signs of human presence within 5 kilometres. The human being however goes everywhere, and also the so called eco-friendly sustainable energy sources are not totally without pollution. Hydro-power-stations (also wind mills) for instance create noise, and not just a little bit, by constant buzzing tones. This is not the only negative factor. Rivers are exploited by enterprises which create hydro-power, electricity. Therefore Norway’s last wild rivers should be protected against more exploitation. And: huge masts with high voltage cables are planted everywhere, even in wilderness, in national parks. They create more ecological harm than governments want to admit. [Article]. I wonder if the Chronic Wasting Disease among reindeer and elgs (Norwegian moose) here in Norway is related with this.

With the being aware of all what is going on on our planet as a constant increasing threat, I live my life in the best way I can make out of it, without closing my eyes for the reality, but therefore even more enjoying so much what is still there, what our mother, Earth, shows me, brings me. I communicate with her nature without words, I connect from within and use my thoughts and feelings, even more now I have heard the words of the Elders of the Native Indigenous Americans. They make me dare to write about my inner world without any shame or shyness. Their words are educative and insightful, confronting me with the end of the fourth world, the start of the fifth world, change and evolution, but also offering me hope and acceptance, which creates inner peace, and transforming my fear into strength.

In my video I have used some phrases of what Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman said about this in a documentary and combined it with what I filmed here in nature around me, on May 21, 2017. Nature here in the mountains has started just some weeks ago to awaken from a long, cold winter (thank God still cold!), not any leaf is on the trees or bushes yet, the grass is still brown, but soon all will be green again.

I am witnessing the water where Red Crow speaks about: sacred water, and it fills me with a deep respect. I breathe the air where Red Crow speaks about: clean air, “sacred air”, as Red Crow names it. In all my gratitude, deep willing to care for Norway’s nature, for life in general, I also would like to share this with you, in a virtual way.



Video information:

In this video Red Crow speaks about sacred water, sacred air, about the Hopi Prophecy, change and evolution….

RED CROW Floyd Westerman, also known as Kanghi Duta i.e. “Red Crow” in Dakota (August 17, 1936 – December 13, 2007), was a Sioux musician, political activist, and actor. More

HOPI PROPHECY Red Crow mentions the Hopi Prophecies. The full text of the Hopi Prophecies can be read here

INDIGENOUS NATIVE AMERICAN PROPHECY – ELDERS SPEAK – 1 The audio track of my video is a detail of the YouTube version I could not find any information about the full (Swedish or Danish) documentary where the YouTube videos are taken from.

The clips in my video are taken by myself on May 21, 2017, in the surroundings of Hol Kommune, Norway. The water of the mountain streams and rivers here in Norway, as long they do not pass a human area, are clean, full of minerals, and energising the human soul by just watching, listening to their sounds.

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