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WWF-Norway – has created a campaign in which also you can take part. Goal is to make the Norwegian Government aware of the wish of environmentalists, ecologists, biologists, all who love nature and wilderness and aware of the necessity of biodiversity, to take action in the comeback of the wolf in one of the last places on earth with real wilderness: Norway.

The wolf is on the top of the red list of endangered animals in Norway. – The Norwegian government does not allow more than about 30-35 wolves in Norway, living in freedom, in wilderness. All “too much” will be shot. In the last two years at least 33 wolves have been shot.

There is of course a well thought plan behind the wish to have more wolves. During the years the wolf has been hunted (about hundred years) a complete other culture has been built up, a society in which even sheep walk freely around in nature, in wilderness, during the summer. Not any farmer likes it, of course, their sheep will be killed. The question is though: is it correct that animals, who belong protected on a farm, are living in wilderness (sheep), while the animal, that belongs in wilderness (wolves), lives more or less imprisoned? Anyhow: another way of thinking is needed, a being prepared on the comeback of the wolf, otherwise the plans will fail.

Your vote for the wolf – In case you want to vote for the wolf, for his comeback into the Norwegian wilderness, here follows the into English translated text, that you can use in case you do not know what to write and copy and paste it in an undersigned email to the members of the Energy and Environment Committee:  The original text can be found here.


You, who are members of the Energy and Environment Committee, will take a vital decision about the wolf in Norway this spring. I urge you to decide thatmore wolves will live in the Norwegian nature. The Government has recently published a document about the wolf, where they say that there should only be about 30-35 wolves in Norway.

In my opinion this is not enough, because this decision is the way of no return: the full extinct of the wolf. This is a sad preview into the nearby future.

I hope the Energy and Environment Committee of the Parliament agrees with me that the wolf belongs in the Norwegian nature, that we have made a mistake in our outdated philosophy about nature, because we did not serve biodiversity with it, because of that not either the basics of nature, and that we have to change our mind about the presence of an almost eradicated Norwegian species.

Last year a record number of wolf pups have been born in Norway. Preliminary data about predators show that there have been four litters within the wolf zone, perhaps seven. In case Parliament does not adopt new population goals that arehigher than what the government has proposed, it is likely that many of these puppies will be shot this winter..

Environmental organizations insist on a minimum of 150-200 wolves in Norway, and it is a claim I fully support. In addition, wolves live in large parts of the country. It’s a shame that wolves only get to live on approximately 5.5 percent of the area in Norway, and the wolf zone should therefore be extended.

 With best regards,

…..(your name)…..


In name of the wolves, thank you!


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