Norway and its shameless hunt for energy

We all love nature. We all love Norway: I assume at least the photos of it. We all know that Norway is one of the last places on earth with real wilderness. We all know, but not the Norwegians. They prove it.

An article in NRK-Finnmark (the far north of Norway) tells about a conflict between Statnett and some locals who live there, far north, farmers, who have herds, reindeer herds.

These reindeer live in the wilderness of Norway, and move from Balsfjord to Skaidi (if I translated the article right), find their food there, and calve once a year. The little reindeer cannot walk or run, immediately after being born and need time for that.


A mother reindeer watches over her day old calf at the UAF Agriculture and Forestry Research Experiment station on Friday afternoon.



Statnett, high voltage cables, plans, and reindeer babies

Norway’s Statnett has plans: to build power stations there, to create electricity, and this electricity can only be transported via high voltage cables, that hang on huge masts, spread over the landscapes, also in the wilderness.

Statnett wants to start with their new project exactly on the moment that the little reindeer are born, and this will be a catastrophe. There are until now no ears in the Norwegian government to listen to the people who want to protect their cattle, their reindeer.

The realization of the Statnett-plans is already a violation of the wilderness there: we all know that these high voltage cables create electrosmog, which affects the electromagnetic field of animals (and humans), and this creates a slow breaking down of the natural resistance.

Nobody will be able to stop these plans but obviously this is not enough: the realization of the plans cannot even be postponed for some weeks, till the beginning of July as has been asked for, to offer the little reindeer the time to become strong enough to go with their mothers ahead. Forward.

Hans Ole Eira refuses to offer Statnett his blessing to start the work in their calving area. Photo by Liv Inger Somby. 




Norway and its “gold”fever: “water”fever, to create electricity

The “gold”fever, the smell of money created by hydro power is stronger than any c0mmon sense: ECOnomy is unfortunately mostly a battle against ECOlogy, and the ECOnomists who created these plans are so narrow minded that they do not realize that what they kill today will not be able to be restored ever. Dead is dead. True ECOnomy is related with a deep view in the future, and Statnett proves not to be able to think so deep and so far.


Each human’s part in this “gold”fever, and the waste of  natural and economical “gold”

The last parts of nature, of wilderness, are going to be damaged, destroyed, violated, name it, because we, in the civilized west, need more and moreelectricity, far too much, and why? Because we, all, waste more and more of this precious too much costing energy. Nature has to sacrifice its own state of being, for us, pampered humans. But ECO-nomists do not mind. What counts is money.You will bring them money. Unless all humans (also you) change their (your) attitude, this downward spiral will not stop.

Take care. Close all electricity points which are not needed. Do not waste. Do. Not. Waste. Any. Kilowatt. Think, that far in the north animals are suffering, to offer you some kilowatts, that just disappear in the electro gutter.

It is a shame what is going to happen in Norway. Environmental awareness islacking, while Norway tries to convince all the rest of Europe that they create green energy, and love nature. Nature is not plastic. Nature dissolves, more and more. Till it is gone. Stop it. Humans.





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This post has been published also on LinkedIn, on 2 April 2016.

The photo in the header is made by Nicolas Dory and more of his unique awesome work can be found here.

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