Valeriana Officinalis

Valeriana Officinalis is a medicinal herb, and used in the so called phytotherapy.
Phyto is related to: phyto- or phyt-
That leads to: phytogenesis.
Which is New Latin, and it is from Greek: phuto-, from phuton, which means: plant.


Phytotherapy belongs to alternative medicine, the complementary medicine next to  the mainstream medicine.
Phytotherapy is a part of naturopathy. More examples of alternative medicine are: chiropractic medicine, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Bach flower remedies, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, holistic massages, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and nutritional-based therapies.
Between that what makes a therapy “alternative” or “mainstream” is a “grey” field and in that grey field is also phytotherapy.
Phytotherapy, the medicine which works with specific parts of plants, works in a natural way but also as a kind of a suppressor of physical, emotional, mental problems., and therefore similar with the mainstream medicine, with the pharmaceutical medicine.
It does not work at the root of the problems like for instance the Bach flower remedies. Medicinal herbs are excellent though to start with when you are going to follow the path of alternative medicine, or to use occasionally.
Another positive effect of using herbs is that there are no side effects. Mainstream medicine mostly cause side effects. Sometimes they are even worse than the problem itself.
Also important to know is that herbs do not disturb the drinking water systems. All is natural and will disappear. Mainstream medicine, the pharmaceutical medicine, which are chemical, leave parts in the urine, and with the urine they will find their way back into the drinking water systems after cleaning/recycling.
There have been measures and they were alarming.
But the mainstream medicine goes on with advising the chemical products.
Sometimes it is really a blessing though. And therefore I spoke about “complementary medicine”. The medicine, the therapy for keeping yourself healthy, for bringing back the natural balance. Before it is too late for that and you will have to be obliged to use the chemical strong medicine.
But where it can be avoided, why do doctors stick to poisoning pills, to chemical strong and in fact not really healing medicine? Not only for our drinking water systems, but also for  the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual environmental systems.
For instance sleeping pills.  Though they might work to be able to sleep: they just work on the physical body, not on the deeper levels of our being, and therefore you will wake up feeling ruined, not fresh at all, not energized. Because they do not dissolve the problems which kept us awake. It can be compared with dirt in the house: the house stays dirty, you only get something to close your eyes for it. But you will go on being aware of the dirt. Deep inside. That is why sleeping pills have to be continued using them. You will get addicted to them. And finally you will have to take stronger ones because the body gets immune for these pills.
Instead of taking sleeping pills you can use herbs, as a tincture or as pills.
Valeriana Officinalis is famous, worldwide, as a plant for relaxation, for falling asleep very easy, and without side effects.
You will not get addicted to it. You will not get immune for it.
But because it is a medicinal therapy  too you will have to read the leaflet with an explanation and information how to use it, how many times, how much, and how long. Otherwise it will not have the right effect.
It is possible that you cannot find Valeriana Officinalis in a good health shop in your village or city, or country. You can find on internet the website with Dr. Vogel products. They are reliable, excellent, and therefore the name is known and acknowledged worldwide. You can order there:
But of course there are more labels, brands which are good also.
Valeriana Officinalis can also be used when you are nervous, when there is an exam, for instance. Start in time with taking the tablets, pills, or tincture, as a complex or simplex remedy. Complex means: combined/mixed with other medicinal herbs or plants, possibly with a light homeopathical dilution. For stronger homeopathical dilutions you will have to consult a homeopath. Then you also arrive in one of the most pure and authentic kinds of healing in alternative medicine.
All indications for Valariana Officinalis:
Nervousness, (too much) tension, neurasthenia, stress, hysteria, sleeplessness, problems with falling asleep, not able to nod off, heartproblems because of nervousness, problems with the following symptoms: headache, migraine, cramps, faint, irritations, excitations, stomach problems, flatulence.
Valeriana Officinalis can also be used in cases in which somebody has a tied together feeling in the throat (globus sensation), when there is sleeplessness with an entire feeling of restlessness, or overexcited nerves, and/or temporary facial pain.

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