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Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring are the four seasons in nature. Not every country experiences the same length in season-time, nor the same temperatures or hours filled with daylight. Maybe some countries don’t experience seasons at all.
Norway for instance has a very short springtime, and a very short autumn. Summer is not that long. Winter is! very long, and cold. Though the summers are mostly very good, filled with warm sunshine, this year brought much rain, cold days during the summer, and now, winter, the temperatures are lower than normal, and snow fell earlier than normal. The climatechange is also here. 

In life we experience seasons as well. Being 62 myself at the moment, I experience already many years the physical autumn. I know that winter fill follow, and no, I am not longing for it. Time is going fast though, and that is why I am longing more than ever to do what I feel I can, or have to do, not to hesitate, not to wait till maybe some years later, waiting for a better time. A better time for what? More men and women of my age experience the same: it is “Now!” that counts. We don’t have so much time left. Every minute counts. That does not mean that I am active all the time. When doing “nothing” at all, I enjoy it doing “nothing”, and when working I love that. I don’t spoil time with spending it with what is useless, irritating, negative. I am more selective, also concerning friends and the time I spend with them.
I am more aware of my energy. What makes me tired, stressed, nervous…. What brings me in a negative mood? I listen to my body language. I do what is healthy.
I say what I have to say.
Feeling more courage than ever!
The only thing what I don’t like is my aging body, the aging skin. I am not fond of wrinkles on/in my own skin.  There are more and more wrinkles in the  face. The skin of arms, neck and legs is losing youth. I observe my aging and I cannot get used to it. Though it belongs to life, I notice the difficult process, the becoming aware of what is happening and I do not want to run away from it, I cannot!

It helps me to be aware of time, of the physical season I am in, and of the time there is still left!! I am even more addicted to life now, I love this planet, and death can wait.

When it is finally my time I will, need to, be ready for it, done what had to be done, said what had to be said, and leaving this planet in a more conscious awareness than when I was born. The more consciousness, cosmic, and earthly awareness grows, the deeper one can sense and the deeper one realizes that everything in nature, in us, we, ourselves, our bodies, is a part of Creation, in a depth that the human brain cannot understand.


There are also soul-seasons, development seasons. You can be in the winterseason of your life when you are still a child. That is not easy, and it sounds unnatural, but it belongs to the cycle of the soul. That cycle does not stop when you die, and it did not start on the moment you have been born, or on the moment of conception. Everybody goes through millions of reincarnations during the earthly cycle of the soul.

How my life was… well, in the nineties of the last century I was in the middle of the soul winter, and since about a year I am out of it. It is springtime now. Looking outside, through the windows, I see winterlandscapes, snow, the temperatures were already below 25 some days ago, but inside of me there is Life, Light, Love. I made also a huge step: moving to another country. Living  a new life.

May this encourage all who think that life is dull when you get older.
Life is energy. The body can age, your soul gets older also, but grows in strength with the years if you work at your self, your inner world, clean up and let go what is not needed anymore.

This brings new ways and new directions, developing Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness and Light. Though it is dark here very early because the sun does not rise enough to shine over the mountains because of winter…. : the inner sun is rising….. !! Springtime is there. Winter has gone.

A beautiful video with winter- and spring-sceneries from Walt Disney’s “Fantasia 2000”. The music is from the Russian composer Igor Strawinsky: “Firebird”. The story fits very good in this blogpost.




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