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I did not study Feng Shui, but heard a lot of it, read a book about it, and having understood the essence of it (I guess), I notice that more and more it is coming into the awareness of all. It’s very interesting to learn more about it by reading “just” wikipedia! Maybe wikipedia is more neutral in it, and therefore more complete. That is what I experienced. There are Feng Shui books (going through them in a high speed, in the library or a book shop) that do not tell anything about the history of it. That history is too important to make the difference between what Feng Shui is, and what is NOT Feng Shui, as it is/was meant to be.

True is that Feng Shui, even the not real Feng Shui, is a way to create harmony around us, to live in, and by that to create a more healthy life. Because balance and harmony are needed to stay healthy. To be ourselves. The most simple way to practice Feng Shui is to clean your house, to order, to organize your desk, to throw away what is not needed anymore. Open windows to let fresh, good smelling natural air in, filled with oxygen. Simple. Buy some plants. Flowers. Put on a CD with nice classical music, or other music, that what creates harmony. Also essential oils bring harmony.

Feng Shui is a feeling, a deep understanding and knowledge of what is harmony, balance, positive energy. Not only IN the house, the way we put or place the furniture, paintings, mirrors, plants, or make choices about colours, but also the house itself, where it has been built, with what kinds of materials, and with what kind of an architecture, also the garden. We have to take the building itself more serious than we are used to: the building as the architectural composition, the building that has to be able to work with energies from itself and with those around it, to be in harmony with them, or to increase that harmony. To support our wellbeing.

This reminds me of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, Europe. It is a unique monument, created out of the anthroposophical perspective and principles. I read, that before the building up started, the anthroposophical group connected with Mother Earth, and prepared her for the building what was going to be there. The deep felt respect from these people, with Rudolf Steiner as the founder of anthroposophical movement, towards the spirit of Mother Earth / Nature / Cosmos has been explained by this in a very beautiful way.

You can read more about Feng Shui in wikipedia
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This post was originally published on December 3, 2010

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