The Age of Aquarius

“The dawning of Age of Aquarius is more than just a lyric from a 1970s musical. It is a very real astronomical phenomenon that will occur in the not too distant future, affecting how we view the stars and constellations surrounding our solar system. To astrologers it carries a bit more significance for human society and world events, but this definition is, of course, heavily mired in pseudoscience.

To understand when this new age will occur requires a bit of understanding of the constellations of the Zodiac, as well as the dynamics of Earth’s orientation in the Solar System that cause the astrological age to change over time.” From: “When Is The Age of Aquarius?” Read the entire, very interesting, article here.


The surrealistic painting “Aquarius”

This post is created however for just one thing: a painting, that has fascinated me from the first moment I was looking at it, in a book about the symbolism of the zodiac in 1975: the painting by Johfra Bosschart (1919, Rotterdam Netherlands – 1998, Fleurac, France) with the title: Aquarius (Latin for water-carrier). I was especially fascinated by the skull, the path through that skull, a human being walking the path, into the direction of a light source, but the path was going through the gate of “death”. What was the meaning of it?  Johfra described his work as “Surrealism based on studies of psychology, religion, the Bible, astrology, antiquity, magic, witchcraft, mythology and occultism.”

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We are now, from about January 21 till about February 20, 2020, in the sign Aquarius, but we are also in the Age of Aquarius, a period of time of about 2100 years. According to Nicholas Campion’s research, the Age of Aquarius arrived in the 20th Century around 1447 A.C.E. and will go through 3597 A.D.E. Other astrologers believe it began in 2012. Around 1999 we also heard an increase in the Age of Aquarius and correlations with the Mayan Calendar. Source.

I am finally starting to understand the painting, the skull, where we as humanity are walking through, how that gate of death looks, how it is, in reality, right now. This is not a scaremongering conspiracy theory, but the scary reality that we all are witnessing. Death is at the same time also a psychological transformation, or transfiguration, death as a pre-phase that leads to the resurrection of life, or “the ashes” in the myth of the phoenix that rises from its ashes.

For his symphony number 2, Gustav Mahler composed music on the words of Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock’s poem “Urlicht” (Primordial Light). Mahler completed the poem with his own words. The symphony is known as the Resurrection Symphony and what we see in the skull on the painting, is exactly what is expressed in this symphony. The painting shows also a light source, which means that death, or… the end of the narrow minded view on life, the end of the physical body, materialism, that what is visible with the physical eyes, is not the real end, it is the start of a transformation and/or transition into the higher/deeper human values and levels of awareness. The Spiritual Building of Light on the top of the mountain, in the painting may be compared with Klopstock’s poem in Mahler’s second symphony.

For classical music lovers [skip the ad when the video starts]: Mahler: Symphony No. 2   An awesome presentation of British conductor Sir Simon Rattle, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Youth Chorus, Hillevi Martinpelto (Soprano) and Anne Sofie von Otter (Mezzo Soprano) playing recorded in 1998 at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

The entire symphony takes the listener on an inner journey of darkness, agony and deep despair into a spiritual process of transformation that leads to a with physical eyes never seen overwhelming divine light, made audible in the final end of the second symphony, which is an absolutely overwhelming music experience.

What in Mahler’s second symphony is explained as a promise for a specific individual (micro), is at the same time a promise for humanity (macro). We as humanity are awakening, while going through the symbolic gate.

Also the indigenous peoples of the Americas spoke about it: we are, they explained, in an evolutionary process, going from the fourth to the fifth world.

For a more detailed explanation of the painting, please continue reading here.


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