The sexual development of the foetus and environmental pollution: glyphosate and EMF

In the following interview Robert Kennedy speaks about the dramatical impact of glyphosate on human health, and at 6:36 he starts talking about the dramatical impact of glyphosate on the sexual development of the foetus, from the very beginning of the pregnancy

Attention. For those who are not informed: Robert Kennedy Jr. suffers from a rare voice disorder, named spasmodic dysphonia. That makes it difficult to speak at times .

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Comment: The impact of EMF on the sexual development of the foetus

This phenomenon occurs not only with glyphosate, but also with electromagnetic radiation from cellphones. When the pregnant mother uses a cellphone, or carries it with her, on the body, the foetus is irradiated. A cellphone radiates all the time, also when not actively in use. There is a phase in the development of the embryo in which the development of the sexual organs starts, plus specific brain functions and glands related with it.
When one compares the graphic that shows the tsunami high increase of cellphone use from 2011 – present with a graphic of transgenders in the same time, then these are parallel with each other. Also the graphic about autism.

1. Cellphone use 2010-present

2. Autism, 2000-2020

3. Transgender identities, 2009 -2016

EMF safety guidelines decision makers compared

Official recognized EMF / RF safety guidelines decisionmakers make decisions for WHO and governments about the radiation limit levels . It is absolutely shocking to compare the skyrocketing EMF limit levels, allowed in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, with the very low EMF limit levels of China and Russia.

Source: Wireless technologies, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and children: Identifying and reducing health risks / ScienceDirect

RNCNIRP, the Russian Commission on the Non Ionizing Radiation Protection, under the leadership of professor Oleg Grigoriev, warns for the use of cellphones by pregnant women, and warns even not to use a cellphone when a pregnant mother is nearby. They warn also for the use of cellphones by children younger than 16.

Designed and published by RNCNIRP, the Russian Commission on the Non Ionizing Radiation Protection

RNCNIRP contradicts ICNIRP and FCC guidelines, and published research results about the biological effects of EMF. ICNIRP, FCC, ARPANSA, Safetycode6 only write about thermal effects, and their “safety” guidelines are based on only the thermal effects, not the biological effects. Note: their “safety” guidelines are from the nineties, and not updated. Have become even worse: ICNIRP has removed all warning info about pulsed radio waves: the waves from smartmeters, 4G LTE, and 5G.

USA follows the FCC guidelines, which are copied from the ICNIRP guidelines. ICNIRP is located in Munich, Germany, funded by Germany, and has deeply rooted in the telecom industry. It is striking that even WHO has adapted the ICNIRP guidelines. FCC, ARPANSA, Safetycode6, have adapted the ICNIRP guidelines and are similar. there is a small difference in levels of radiation: Safetycode6 (Canada) = 11 / FCC + Japan = 10 / ICNIRP (EU, WHO + ARPANSA = 9.
Note: China = 0,4 / Russia 0,1

Robert Kennedy is also advocating for more EMF safety and published articles about it in his magazine: “The Defender, Children’s Health Defense.” Example: “EMF Exposure and Pregnancy Risks: Here’s What the Scientific Literature Tells Us

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